Tiang Seng Pulau Ketam Seafood Restaurant 奠成吉膽海鮮火鍋店@ Taman Desa

Posted: June 24, 2009 in @Taman Desa
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When I was young,  a steamboat meal was a very slow affair, the pot was ‘powered’ by coal, so,  it took ages for the soup to boil and as the steamboat pot was not that big, it will be a few rounds of ‘uploading and downloading’  until everybody get their fair share of the fishballs, quail eggs, vege etc…and mum will constantly have to re-load the coals.(.wow..i sound so ancient) …..fast forward to present day…ahh..so convenient one gehhh….now we have electric steamboat or use  portable gas stoves, and of course, one can eat steamboat  at a shop..

We were at Tiang Seng on a Saturday night ~ 7:30 , tables that were not taken up had that little plastic triangle ‘reserved’ signs, but lucky for us, one last table was available .


We ordered 2 set of  the set order, which was priced at RM14/set order and we held back on the  side orders . Pix below show what  you will  get for a  2 set order, which will include  : fishballs of various sizes and shapes , fish , prawns, tofu, quail eggs, cabbage and yau-mak, fried wantan, 1 block of yee mien, mee hoon and eggs.


The following side dishes are available ( pay extra lorr) :


We dropped the raw stuff into the pot, and waited….and waited…


After making sure that the soup had boiled..we fished the goodies out of the bubbling soup and ah..blisss…the soup was sweet, the fishballs were fresh, springy and fishball-ish ( alamak..fishball-ish..? fishballs mahh…sure fishball-ish lor..). yumyumm….


After the ‘first harvest’, we dropped the ‘2nd round’ of stuff into the pot, including the yee mein, plus broke an egg  into the soup…ah…so nice one….There was still another egg left…dilemma …what to do with the ‘unused’  egg,  already paid for worr..leave it here meh..? err…I am not telling what I did.. 😛

When we were settling the bill, I asked the lady boss ‘wah..why the soup so sweet one ahh ?’, she replied that they use fish skin and bones to make the soup , no MSG. The soup is being prepared fresh everyday ( no leftovers), and as they are from Pulau Ketam,  they can ensure that they have the supply of fresh fish to make the fishballs. One can also tarpau the set orders , minimum is  for 2 set-orders, they will pack everything, including the soup and the chili paste.


Close on Mondays,

Operating hours : 6:00pm – 10:30pm

 Tiang Seng Pulau Ketam Seafood Restaurant

34A, Jalan Desa Bakti,

Taman Desa

Batu 3 ½ Jalan Klang Lama

58100 KL

Tel : 012 2106893


  1. Glitz & Glamour says:

    Next time should invite me to come along on your food tasting adventures.

  2. pegasuskl says:

    G&G, i can invite you but hor..say clear clear first..who willl settle the bill ? 😀

  3. Glitz & Glamour says:

    Pegasuskl, Haven’t you heard the term “Go On Belanda (Dutch)”??

  4. pegasuskl says:

    G&G, ok, we go Holland n get some clogs on the way

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