7 Village Noodle House七廊粿條湯 @ Bukit Mertajam. Penang

Posted: June 21, 2009 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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It was a late Sunday morning,  rather  warm, and pampered folks like us want hawker food but in a cooler environment, so where do you head to ? 7 village lorrr. Another ‘cross-over’…. from the traditional kopitiam theme , to a ‘fast food’-ish  concept. And it seemed to be working, all the tables are filled and more are waiting in line.

The 2 mains at 7 village are ‘ koay teow soup /koay teow therng 粿條湯 and ramen拉麵. And you can order side dishes like lorbak, chicken feet, fish nuggets, chicken , stir fried vege.    

The writing orr should I say, the menu is on the wall…


I cancelled my order of iced milo when I saw the others ordering tong sui , copy cat that I was…the tong sui for the day was –logan + pak kor, It wasn’t too sweet, the pak kor was nice and soft.. A welcomed change to my traditional cuppa milo


I am not a big fan of koay teow soup, but I have to admit.. the koay teow soup at 7 village is pretty good ! the texture of the koay teow is smooth and seemed finer than the usual koay teows, the minced pork was tasty, the fishball was springy, the soup was yummy.. another satisfied customer. Oh, for fishball fans  you can also order extra fishballs in your soup.

 KT therng

I didn’t get to try the ramen, but it looked pretty good to me too..u get the same minced meat +fishballs + sliced chicken , plus an extra half boiled egg.

 lam mein

We ordered some side orders, including :

 Chicken feet :

Not like the Thai version where they removed all the bone and served the ‘skin’, this is the steamed version with the bones intact, , the skin were soft and although served only with some fried onions , spring onions and  soy sauce, that seemed to enhance the taste. I enjoyed this.

kaki ayam 

The lobak –minced meat  with 5 spice powder wrapped in fu churk (bean curd skin)  and then deep fried was popular, it was ‘cleared’ very quickly. Not bad. The 7 village version was thinner than what you might get at  the usual hawker stalls.


Overall, an enjoyable meal,7 village has 2 branches- the main outlet at Taman Aman Jaya, Off Raja Uda, and  for this meal, we had it at the other branch which was at Taman Bayu Mutiara , Bukit Mertajam,. If you have a choice, I would recommend eating at the main outlet- which is a bit more spacious and better ventilated, compared to the BM branch which can be warm and a bit stuffy.


mon – sat 7;30 am – 5:00pm

sat :7:30 am – 1 p.m

 Location :

 7 Village noodle house


Main :

6, 8 & 10, Lorong Ceri 6,

Taman Aman Jaya,

Off Raja Uda,

12300 Butterworth

04 – 3330216


Branch :


58, Jalan Bayu Mutiara 1,

Taman Bayu Mutiara,

14000 Bukit Mertajam,

04 – 5081216


  1. ani says:

    miss u seven vllage…
    2 eat ur ramien lo…
    so nice n good place….

  2. ani says:

    lobak,kwanjeang,n koewteow theng…..
    good good good…………

  3. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Ani, you sound like a true fan of 7 village ! when did you have your last ‘fix’ here ? 😛

  4. LEE says:

    你们这家在(BM)的食物确实好好吃.但最近发现你们做生意不老实了.在这多个来,我和家人都发现你们所献给我们的”KWAN JIANG”如其他客人吃剩下的,在收起后连接起来给我们后来的顾客.起初发觉减少一块,过后我们看了不太对,在连起来接也接不成一块的.我有向其他朋友说起,他们去了过后也发现有如我所说的.(希望我们的感觉是错的).

  5. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Lee ( and others)
    Please take note that this is a blog that mainly does food review, the writer ( me) do not own the eateries lahhh !! I suggest that you take the matter you mentioned in your comments with the managers/owner of the restaurant.

  6. Hi Lee,

    I tried the 7 village Kuey Teow Soup Nibong Tebal and Penang Abu siti lane. Their taste is above normal and the price is reasonable. Great place for a quick lunch.

    Wong, BestPenangFood.com

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