Dessert & Kuih Chiap @ Kimberly Street

Posted: June 13, 2009 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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Continuing from New Lane…

Penangites are a bunch of lucky people, they have such good food:  everywhere, anywhere, anytime (almost). We can get some good char koay teow in KL, but somehow, the stalls in Penang does it a bit better, more umppppp..tastier..

The purpose  to move to Kimberly Street was for the dessert . Restoran Traditional Home of Dessert started from  a stall at Kimberly street, and later took over a shop lot.Interestingly the stall is retained (directly outside the shop) and still fully functional as the ordering and the serving are from the stall. You can choose to sit by the kaki lima or enjoy your meal  inside the well lit shop (which is like those modern kopitiam i.e. marble tables replaced by dark wooden tables, no more rickety furniture or chipped bowls)


There are a variety of dessert including almond drink ( I am not a fan, to me  this has a ‘ cockcroach smell, but fans says otherwise), Sie Koay therng ( something like lin-chi –kang) , Lin chi kang, pak kor-longan etc.

Pix below show the pak-kor longan at the top and sie koay therng at the bottom, if anyone wish to contact the hand model for other commissioning work , please leave a message  😀 (EL,  can i be your agent ?)  . The desserts were nice, not overly sweet and the lotus seeds were nice and soft..yumm..


PW ordered ‘kuih chiap’ 粿,汁 I hadn’t come across stalls selling kuih chiap in KL –  for those that are not familiar with this dish , kuih chiap is a thick flat squarish flourly noodle served with duck meat and duck stuff in a heavy thick dark soup ( and usually with a stewed hard boil egg)  , or you can order the dry version. This was good ! Lot’s of duck stuff and the soup was very tasty.


EL mentioned that she usually gets her ‘chicken feet’ fix at Kimberly street , but since we already had that at New Lane she refrained from ordering this, and instead ordered char koay teow…didn’t take any pix as I was busy scooping more kueh chiap from PW’s bowl.

And after the we were leaving the place , J mentioned ham chin pheng we tarpau that for some munching food for the road..Burppp…

Thanks guys,  for the wonderful food outing and of course the great company !


dessert kimberly street


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