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It was a lazy Saturday morning . It was drizzling and it seemed troublesome to go out for breakfast  and there were some rice dumplings in the fridge anyway. SC re-heated the  dumplings and we stayed at home, warm and cozy, watched the ripples in the fish pond and yakyaked over dumplings and Chinese tea  And before you know it, it was almost 2pm. The rain had stopped but we were ( I mean I was) really too hungry to venture too far for food. So, we decided to go to Lok Yuen.

Lok Yuen is somewhat like a foolproof makan place, the food normally won’t disappoint, service is fast and the prices are reasonable as well.

For drinks , we had dragonfruit juice, the subtle and unassuming dragon fruit taste doesn’t match that fiery flirty eye catching colourful drink. Pretty refreshing and not too sweet, seemed very healthy and full of antioxidant (I guess).

dragon fruit

Fish ball tunghoon 魚丸冬粉 – The fishballs were a tad soft and not that springy, the combination of fishball  and tunghoon with onions and spring onions was light and simple.


Kailan with salted meat , kailan 炒咸肉- I thought it was roast pork but after tasting , it was slightly more salty , a bit drier and leaner than roast pork. The kailan was tender and not over/under cooked.


Belacan chicken – the deep fried chicken pieces were meaty and tender, the taste of  belacan and wasn’t too overpowering. I think I ate more than my share of this dish.

blacan chic

House specialty tofu – if you like symmetry or prefer your food to be somewhat have a uniformed shape, then you will probably get a headache looking at this tofu dish 😛 . The deep fried tofu came in all shapes and sizes, crisp on the outside and soft on the insides, not bad- this makes  good finger food.  SC commented that the cook might have been a bit heavy handed with the pepper.


Overall- an enjoyable meal. The damage :- RM 34.40 inclusive of drinks and rice for 3 pax.

Lok Yuen乐园 tel : 04 5074785

Open daily 11am – 11pm

Location : Jalan Kerjasama Bukit Tengah  – before the Bukit tengah roundabout , turn left before the flyover, there are two Lok Yuen at the same vicinity, at two different blocks of  the shoplots.