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Whenever I (get a chance to) visit Penang ( for work), my hospitable colleague will usually have taupar-ed a packet of char koay teow, which will be  waiting for me at the office . And for lunch, we will usually drive to BM for Yam Rice at Kedai Makan Mutiara at Jalan Tembikai, Taman Mutiara, which is the kopitiam opposite  UOB bank

I do not often come across yam rice in KL, is this a Penang thing ? My first introduction to Yam rice was at this very shop at Kedai Makan Mutiara by my colleague. We sometimes share 3 bowls of rice amongst two of us. The soup is sourish- salted vegetable with lotsa pork parts , you can select what you want / do not want e.g. if you do not want any spare parts or just want pork meatballs etc.


I thought the soup used to have a little bit more kick, i.e. can wake u up kinda sour kick. The pork balls were crunchy, porky and tasty and can’t find any fault with the yam rice. It was RM4.60 per serving ( rice +bowl of soup)

One other BM specialty is (fruit) rojak, go towards the train station / market place or ask around for ‘Or larng Rojak ‘ ( black/ dark  man rojak). The shop is exactly at the cross junction –Rojak Orang Hock’ .


And the interesting thing was , there are 2 other black and white theme rojak shop around this cross junction.  Micheal Jackson would be pleased. The picture below  shows the black-white man rojak.


And the White Man rojak

white rojak

I had another yam rice meal at Sin Chow Koon Kopitiam, around Jalan Raja Uda ( the kopitiam near the Pasar Awam Sungai Uda). Apart from the Thai food stall, y am rice seemed to be the other main attraction here  . The soup has a lot of umppppp, the soup was packed with bits of pork slices, intestine, liver, stomach, meatballs, WAHHHHH…pork lover paradise 😀 . The rice was a bit soft ( not as packed and solid as  the one at Mutiara- which I  prefer) .

yam rice

Business seemed pretty good, i timed : and one ‘pot’ of rice, finished within 45 minutes, I wonder how many pots of yam rice they sell per day ?Apart from the eat-ins, plenty of people were waiting around the stall to tarpau the soup with /without the rice.

the crowd

You can have white or yam rice. The pix below show the cooked ‘pot’ of rice , and in the other  pot ( the lower bottom of the pix), yam chucks are being boiled/ the next pot of rice is being cooked.

yam seller