Ah Chung Restaurant @ Pantai Bersih, Penang

Posted: June 4, 2009 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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HL (ex-colleague) and family picked me up from the hotel at Seberang Jaya,  and said that they  will take me somewhere special for  dinner, hurrah…what is there not to like about food 😀 .

Our destination was  Pantai Bersih, the restaurant was  just by the sea…nice… you hear the waves lapping the shore, the twinkling lights and occasionally the sea breeze will mess up your hair.. and chase away the mozzies. You can dine  indoor ( brighter and less mozzies) or outdoor (get to hear the waves and the breeze but more mozzies) , majority of the crowd were sitting under the stars.

We had crabs fried with salted eggs…yummmmm…this was not very salty and there were more batter on the crabs that what I have tasted at other shops, the crabs were fresh , which was a big plus point… my fellow diners seemed very proficient in eating crabs with their utensils but alas, I am hopeless, but I would seemed so kampong ( which I am) if I use my hands..so what to do..one must do as the romans when in Rome lorr….so that deducted maybe 5% of my enjoyment from eating the crabs…maybe i  should have just shown my true ‘kampung colours’


Steam fish Teow-chew style-  the gravy was sweet and tasty and the fish was fresh, this was nicely done


Stir fried kailan – this was average , the kailan was kinda tough


Prawn rolls – the prawns were coated in a batter and then deep fried, the batter was quite thick but luckily crispy  so that it didn’t spoil the bite into the fresh and succulent prawn.


Kum Hiong Lala –the gravy was thick , slightly sweet and the kum-hiong flavour wasn’t that strong.


Best dish of the night – this would be between the crabs and the fish

I  look ed around the place for the name of the restaurant, but I only saw 2 sighboards with ‘thank you very much’ , I continued to search for a name as we were exiting the place ,  and even at the entrance of the restaurant, there wasn’t a name ( maybe I didn’t look in the right place ?), anyway, HL’s hubby said that the locals refer to the shop as ‘Ah Chung’s restaurant in Pantai Bersih’, so there !


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