Ah Wang Bak Kut Teh亞旺肉骨茶@ Old Klang Road

Posted: June 1, 2009 in @ Old Klang Road
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As the name suggest, the specialty at Ah Wang is Bak Kut Teh, and the sign board in chinese also mentioned fish head . Our visit was on  a Saturday evening around 8-ish, and the place was packed ,  I never counted, but it was a large open area and guesstimate is, maybe can fit up to  50 tables


For BKT,  you have a choice of parts of porky that you would like in your pot, and when the question of ‘ do u all eat spare parts ?’ was asked,  there was one nod around the table and 2 ‘nos’.  They also serve the chicken version of BKT

For fish, there are 3 choices of steamed fish  :  assam, ginger or  soy sauce . We opted for ginger steamed fish.

And for vege , we ordered stir fried yau-mak.

Other dishes (which were  printed on the bill , I am not sure of their availability though)  : pork leg vinegar, pepper pork stripe soup, otak otak, Fu-churk. Needle mushroom, Taufu pork, taufu with oil, pig trotters as well as  chicken feet

The BKT that we ordered was the small portion  (RM8) and I think what went though all 3 heads when the ‘pot’ arrived was , ‘ oh..so small ah..dunno enough or not ‘  but anyway, they do re-fills for the soup, so it was quite ok. The soup was clear-ish and light , i.e. not those thick dark heavy soup, it was kinda sweet too, so, this might not sit too well with those that like the thick strong herb-y taste of BKT. The meat, with a bit of fat was nice and tender.


The fish..ahh.the fish, was very enjoyable – .the fish was covered from head to fin with finely pounded ginger plus some  gravy which was a perfect blend, the fish was fresh without any‘earth-y’ taste. Highly recommended. We ordered the small portion –RM21 The table next to ours ,  had steamed asam fish, which smelled and looked pretty good too…


The stir fried yau mark with garlic (RM5)   was nice, the dish retained the crispness and freshness of the vege


The total bill came to RM40.20 inclusive of rice, drinks plus yau char kwai.  Quality of food,  good.

 Opening hours : daily 6pm – 4 am

Location :

 Ah Wang Bak Kut Teh

Batu 4 ½ Jln Klang Lama

Tel : 013 2282288 /016 2341319

 If the Old Klang Road market is on your right, drive on after the market , you will see a flyover not too far from the post office, Ah Wang will be on your left,   just beside/ beneath  the flyover – watch out for the bright lights and the zinc roofs .


  1. J2Kfm says:

    hi, dropping by.
    the steamed fish head was so good, i went for dinner twice in a row!

    mad eh? 🙂

  2. pegasuskl says:

    J2k- thanks for dropping by, no la..not mad la..when it comes to good food, we just can’t get enuf lorr..if u go 10 times in a row..maybe can get loyalty card also 😀

  3. Jay says:

    Did u guys try fatty bak kut teh & fish head?Personally i like that more than here.1st, they are the origin on old klang road.Coz i visit them for many years liao :p
    Second, the boss and his wife always control the quality of the foods,especially the vege,coz i ask the tau geh sou how come the vege so nice, then she told me she pick up the vege by herself.Wow…amaze me…no wonder so nice.
    They even have a website,fatty.com.my
    now bak kut teh & fish head also can go e?

  4. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Jay, thanks for dropping by and the recommendation too. No, i hadn’t tried Fatty Bak Kut Teh ler, the pixs of the dishes on the website looks tempting !! will give it a try sometime and do a write up . Thanks !

  5. Jay says:

    Hi Pegasuskl, no problem. U can try their famous “Sang Guat Bou”. Make sure you call for reservation at least 1 hour before you arrive. Cause i found that is the best ever bak kut teh i had. According to the boss, it require a special 1 hour treatment,so the soup will be extremly tasty compare to normal bak kut teh.And that will only available if u made a pre-order.Also their curry fish head is awesome too.U can try that as well. Of course, cannot miss their Steamed Fish Head. All i know this shop is the pioneer in Old Klang Road and they had operate more than 6 years over there.
    How i know? heehee…coz i’m visiting them few years back…
    Hope u enjoy the food there.

  6. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Jay, u seemed like a true fan ( either that or you are probably a big shareholder at Fatty !! 😛 ) . Since you gave such a good comment, i will definately give it a try one of these days ! thanks.

  7. Bak Kut Teh Lover says:

    Wah the place serves kicap and water bak kut teh. My lo po tai yan took one bite and muntah balik man

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