Causeway Seafood Restaurant – Quezon City, Philippines

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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A short post…

I think our host was trying to make us feel at home or something like that hor.., Guess what we had for lunch in Philippines…Dimsum.! After touching down at Clarke Fields , it took us  ~ 1:30 hr drive to Manila after a ~ 4 hours flight from KL LCCT, I am game for anything as my stomach was growling  !

Causeway Seafood Restaurant serves steamboat as well as regular ala carte meals, dim sum and crocodile meat..wahhlahh…the menu looks pretty interesting hor ? Premium Crocodile meat with broccoli flower..wonder how will that taste  ?


We had dimsum..not too bad really, about Malaysian standard, I would say, actually they said  this should be more authentic that what we get in KL, as the chefs and kitchen help here are from mainland china.













At the end of the meal, my colleague told our host, next time when you visit KL, we will take you for a Philippino meal  – he didn’t said that in a kindly way but rather with a sinister smile  😛

 Causeway Seafood Restaurant

883 Banawe cor. Del Monte Ave. Quezon City

Tel: 410-8690, 740-8787

  1. Gilchrist O. Mirador says:

    We’ve been patronizing Causeway for more than a year because of your luscious food and good service with this I would like to celebrate the Christening of my SON at Causeway TIMOG Branch probably by the end of July. What Package do i get from this occasion from your good restaurant? I’m expecting 100-150 guess.

    Thank you hope to hear from you soon…

  2. pegasuskl says:

    hi Gilchrist, this is just a review of the food i had at Causeway ,this is not Causeway’s webpage, please contact them directly- hope that the telephone number provided here is accurate !
    Congratulations on your son’s Christening

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