Banana Tapioca Rolls

Posted: April 21, 2009 in Things To Do
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Another recipe i tried from ‘Delightful Sweet Treats- Y3K, my secret recipe series’

Ingredients :

a) 400g grated tapioca

40g tapioca flour

30ml concentrated coconut milk

b) 150g castor sugar

½ tsp salt

200ml diluted coconut milk

2 blades pandan leaves

c) Some colorings – red, green, yellow ( I omitted colors and opted to go natural )

d) 6 ripes bananas

150g freshly grated white coconut shreds

¼ tsp salt


 1) Boil b) and after all the sugar had dissolved, discard the pandan leaves

2) Mix ingredient a) and pour into 1). Stir well. If you want coloured rolls, divide these into portions and colour each portion with the colourings . I didn’t use any colours (-i.e. tapioca natural colour -yellowish)

3) Pour the different colured mixtures into individual tins, steam the mixture for ~ 10 minutes over high heat. Let it cool.( important to let it cool before the next step, as while it’s hot, it’s very difficult to handle ( sticking to the tins and breaking up etc) and once it cool down, you can ‘peel’ it off the tins easily.)

4) Place 2 bananas lengthwise and roll it up like swiss rolls. Coat it with coconut shreds ( added with some salt). Slice it before serving.

Notes :

  1. Please ensure that for each steamed layer, it’s not too thick, the height/thickness of the mixture should be about 1-1.5cm when you pour it into a pan for steaming, any thicker and you might have a problem ‘rolling’ up the bananas. I halved the portion above and used a square tin which is about 9″ x 9″
  2. If you want green rolls, you can use some juice from the pandan leaves ( maybe from 5-6 leaves)  and add to a)

 The verdict :-

Not too difficult to make, and the results looks pretty nice -with  the coconut shreds and all and taste pretty good too.



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