Restaurant Tin Sum 點心之家@ OUG

Posted: April 18, 2009 in @ OUG

Restaurant Tin Sum – no prize in guessing what they sell. Curry Mee  lorrrr…errr…NOT.

You can usually expect a big crowd here, but one doesn’t have to wait that long to get a table. When you are hungry and you see this  bamboo thingy full of hot steaming  dimsum ..ahh…. my heart skipped a beat ( not too many lah ,or I might need an ambulance, let’s be rasional here !) , my  pupils dilated, my throat tightened – kinda like being in love.. 😛


They have quite a large, variety of dimsum, the ‘traditional’  siew mai, har kau, chicken feet , fish balls etc  and other ‘innovative’ dimsum as well, or maybe I hadn’t been out of the cave too much..

Pix below- Top right ( with the green target practice thingy)  is fish paste + meat on hard boiled egg whites- I find this a bit bland, because the egg white which took up more than half a ratio of the unit is tasteless , as egg whites are.Bottom left- meat wrapped in fish paste- not bad , the other two dimsum were good as well, one thing I like about the stuffings in the dimsum served here  is , you don’t feel like you are eating a whole lot of packed minced meat, it doesn’t feel heavy or too meaty.


Pix below – In the larger plate- fish paste + minced meat + century eggs + prawns + carrots ,  with chicken lining the bottom portion – and all wrapped in fried soy sheets ( Fu pei) – how can this not taste good ? yummy.

The steamed fishpaste wrapped in soya sheets ( the oblong pale thingy ) is pretty good, the fish paste texture is nice.


The Chu Cheong Furn – not bad,  the other one- minced meat + prawns +carrots + century eggs wrapped in fried crispy soya sheets. GOOD !!


The char siu pau _ Hmm..Good


 This ala Alleycats afro thingy – as it arrived


This is what it looked like after being cut- under all the wanton skin shreds -salted egg yolk + big chunks of prawn + minced meat…Wonderful.. one can seldom find fault with the taste salted egg yolks horr…


We ordered way too much, so, I had to forgo the wu-kok this time around.. sniff…what a pity..maybe next time !


Location : beside Public Bank, close to pet shop, along part of the OUG morning market,


Open everyday except the first Monday , or was it Tuesday ? of the month,  sorry, anyway, to be safe , don’t go on the first mon or tues of the month …


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