Pondok Kemangi @Tangerang, Indonesia

Posted: April 13, 2009 in Glorious Food Elsewhere

One interesting thing I spotted when we were driving around Tangerang ( ~ 20km west of Jakarta, and is an industrial and manufacturing hub on Java), a shop selling durian, eh..air-conned one ler..and some of the durians were hanged by their ‘tangkai’, some were displayed on cabinets, wow..when I checked with our hosts, they say, yeah, this is a common way of selling durians..i wonder is this common around Indonesia, but I do remember eating durian by the roadside in Medan many years ago though…

We stopped at Pondok Kemangi for lunch , (Kemangi is a kind of herb, not sure what is the equivalent  in BM). Nice atmosphere, there are 2 separate areas air-conditioned , or one can sit under the attap roof, paper lanterns swaying over your heads, surrounded by bamboo and water ponds..

For starters, we had Otak-otak ikan tenggiri, which was actually grilled tenggiri fish paste. ( fish balls, except that it’s not ball but oblong lah) i.e not otak2 as we know it in Malaysia , in their wrappers, they looked kinda like the pulut with meat floss filings I find back home, but once u unwrapped the banana leaves, you are greeted with slightly charred fish paste. And the taste..WONDERFUL !! the texture is springy and compact, taste of  fresh , sweet  fish , I will give this a 120% rating , it was that good !


Gurame bakar ( grilled Garume) is the shop specialty – it’s even on their signboard.


The fish was grilled and coated with some dark sweet soy sauce, although the fish was fresh and meaty, this taste kinda one dimensional for me.


Ayam kampong goreng ( fried kampong chicken)- although deep fried and it being kampong chicken, the meat wasn’t tough like what one would expect from kampong chicken , the meat was lightly marinated with salt and the meat falling off the bones, simple and nice.


Pucuk labu blacan ( pumpkin shoots in prawn paste), it looks kinda spicy with all the chili thingy, but surprisingly it was pretty mild and kinda peppery  , the belacan ‘smell’ is not as strong as what we get back home, maybe this is not belacan as we know it as ? I hadn’t had pumpkin shoot before and it was yummy, soft and tender , kinda like pucuk paku.


Tempe menduan – I always associate tempe as thick blocks packed with fat fermented beans, but these fritters didn’t look like that at all. I like these.. crispy and sweet


Extracted from Wikipedia , Tempe is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans  soybeans into a cake form. Tempeh’s fermentation process and its retention of the whole bean give it a higher content of protein, dietary fiber and vitamins  compared to tofu, as well as firmer texture and  stronger flavour

Bakwan jagung –  corn pancakes , there were some light taste of  spice  in the fritters, makes it very refreshing , although they were deep fried, they weren’t oily, I like these as well. You can try this recipe and see if it works. Please click here


And,  about my drink /dessert . Es Kalang Kaling ( Es = Ice) . What they have in  Es Kalang Kaling is a mix of fruits & stuff with shaved ice and sweeten coconut milk , the fruits which are in thin slices include :young coconut, avocado, sea coconut, green beans, cincau and other unidentifiable objects 😛 . I think someone should start to make/ sell  this in Malaysia, another variety of ice kacang and it’s delicions.


 This is the ‘sambal  station’- where you can top up  a variety of sambal and dips.


Found this Petronas advert in the papers while waiting for my hosts to conduct their prayers ( We saw a few  Petronas gas station during this trip, which prompted my colleague to ask, eh, why Indonesia has Petronas station but in Malaysia, we don’t have Pertamina ?)


And this sign in the bathroom, ‘ do not squat on the toilet seats’ ..hmm..so I guess it’s not just a Malaysian problem 😀




Pondok Kemangi


Jl Raya Serpong kav 201 BSD,

BSD- Tengarang

Tel (021) 5379226

  1. Lulu says:

    I like your pictures here about Pondok Kemangi. You took better pictures than we did when we were there. I’m going to write about the same restaurant on my blog. Is it okay to put a link to this posting here ?

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Lulu, thanks for dropping by. Yes, sure, you can link to my blog.
    If only it was possible to send over some Otak Otak Tenggiri, i would be a happy person…. 😀

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