Around Tumpat – Tumpat KTM Station & Nasi Kerabu Mek Bunga

Posted: April 7, 2009 in Sights


Tumpat KTM station was built in 1948 and is the last station for the east coast. One could connect to KL or to Singapore via this station. The Ekspres Wau runs between Gemas in Negeri Sembilan and Tumpat . details of the train schedule and stations and other services offered by Keretapi Tanah Melayu  can be found here 

This is the main entrance of the station . [notice the ‘beca’ ( or what we call ‘taxi’ in Kelantan) caught in the picture, these are still available around Tumpat)


And this is the absolute END of the KTM east coast line


 This is one section of the waiting area


 The ticket counter


And on that particular day of our visit ( 28th March), there was a film crew there as well. So we decided to linger around (just in case they  need some extras), one of the crew member was pretty friendly and we started to chat, ( I am sorry but I forgot to ask his name), turns out that he is one of the actors in the telenovela that they are shooting – he is playing the part of a Tok Penghulu. The name of the telenovela is ‘Nasi Kerabu Mek Bunga’, in brief the story is about a successful nasi kerabu owner and how he tries ( I am not sure did he succeed or not lah) to win the heart of a lady – Mek Bunga. The main actress who plays Mek Bunga  is Mandy Chong, who has acted  in quite a number of locally produced dramas. According to Tok Penghulu, they also did some shots at various parts of Tumpat including Pantai Seri Tujuh .

The crew was waiting for the train to come in, to take a shot of our  Hero disembarking  from the train


 Camera, Action… ( main lead -that guy in the stripped polo)


The show will be aired on TV2 on Mothers Day, so don’t forget horr..keep a date with Nasi Kerabu Mek Bunga !


 And from the KTM station, you will see the lighthouse… 


 If you have read the previous posting ( here ) , Tumpat used to be a (busy) port, hence the lighthouse , the lighthouse is ~ 70 ft tall. This is no longer operational , but if it’s a working day ( which exclude Fri and Sat) you can go to the office and  asked for the key from the Person in Charge  and get to go up the lighthouse. How Cool was a pity that as it was a Saturday, the PIC wasn’t around, so the staff didn’t have access to the keys to let us go up.

 More info on Tumpat including historical sights and statistics, pls go to :

  1. syakilla says:

    jangan lupa tengok nasi kerabu mek bunga pada bulan mei sempena hari ibu 2009 di rtm 2..dan jangan lupa saksikan payung kasih siaran rtm 2 citer heavy drama

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Syakilla, kamu promoter RTM ke..hehe… ? kamu tau tak waktu siaran Nasi Kerabu Mek Bunga tu , pukul berapa ?

  3. pegasuskl says:

    Nasi Kerabu Mek Bunga was aired over TV2 on 8th May ( Fri) from 8:30- 10pm.

  4. Anonymous says:

    when i was a kid, my friends and I used to go up this light house, it was not locked then. Though it no longer in operation, the crystals glass reflectors were still intact. And we used to take rides on the trains when they were doing “shuntain”, that’s the word used by my friends, it was when they want to put the train to sleep in the train dock yard. But today due to security reasons the place is now fenced. Before you can get to the light house from the back.

  5. pegasuskl says:

    Hey Anon, thanks for dropping by and the interesting bit of info.When taking a stroll around the light house a few months ago, we had the chance to go up the light house ( it wasn’t locked, but we still asked the permission of the KTMB staff who were hanging around to go up)-this was my first trip up the light house ! The stairs were windy but not too difficult to climb and once at the top, one can get a good view of Tumpat, we waved to the kids playing at the field below and also the ones at the nearby shops..this was cool ..For those of you visiting Tumpat, don’t miss going up the ligth house- please visit during office hours so that you can get the key from the PIC to go up the light house.

  6. Tumpat is like mandailing linguid same is” no Way out “. may be this area is tumpat or only this statioon in this area .

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