Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

Posted: March 23, 2009 in Sights
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I first visited Taman Tasik Titiwangsa (TTT)  to go on a ride on the Eye On Malaysia, i.e. the gigantic ferries wheel thingy which had since relocated to Melaka. TTT is a 46 hectare recreational park located in the northern park of KL.  If you are anywhere near the General Hospital, IJN, Istana Budaya , National Library or National Gallery ( or even the Blood Bank) , then you are already not too far from TTT.

We were there on a public holiday a few weeks ago, we arrived before 8  am and there were already a number of people jogging or walking at the park. The blue roofed building you see below is Istana Budaya


There are a few of what not to do at the park including : No to – littering, fishing, pets, picking flowers , berkelakuan sumbang..translated would roughly mean, no hanky panky (?) –


The lake must be cleaner than I thought as we could see some middle sized fish swimming amongst the seaweeds at the edges of the lake.


As you walk along the lake, you will come by a mini stadium ( with stage), public toilets are available, boating area ( I am not sure if it is operational), also the Taman Tasik Titiwangsa Sport Complex where gym, tennis, squash, table tennis and volleyball facilities are available.


 And we come to my favourite part of the lake…Hey..they have horses here…


Horse riding and horse drawn carriage rides are available on Sat/ Sun ,  public and school holidays. The charges for going 1 round ( I am not sure how big the ‘1 round’ is though ) of RM1 ( children) and RM1.50 ( adult) for horse riding, and RM0.50 ( child) and RM1 ( adult) for carriages seemed very reasonable..for details, please refer to signboard below.


It was before the operating hours, so we asked for permission to enter to have a closer look at the horses, and the nice people there allowed us to go in.


 When I saw carriages ( there were numerous), reminds me of the old cowboy movies and of course – Little House on the Prairie and my childhood heroine Laura Ingalls ( and that Nelly Olsen- that nasty nasty girl ) ….ok ok..enough of reminiscing


 I have never been on a horse, the closest thing was probably the mechanical bull ride at Aformosa Resort in Melaka..heheh…we waited for the clock to show 9 am ( which was 20 mins away) , and then trotted to the counter to buy some tickets, (it took a while for them to sort out the tickets, some sequence seemed to be missing – this took 10 mins ) and then …..we were told they can’t organize the horse ride for us as the handlers for the adult horse rides are not available..sniff..ok ok..so we settled for the horse carriage..’bo hear hou yar ho’ ( no prawns fish also can) …and then…it start to drizzle..and we were told….no rides until the rain stops ..oh ah..i guess by that time, our patience was already a bit thin, stood around for another 10 mins, then call it quits and got our refund.


As we were leaving, we saw one pakcik brushing ( for want of a better word) a horse in one of the stall, we went for a closer look and chitchatted with the pakcik and I grouse to him about coming all the way and not able to get on a horse and he said, you just want to get on a horse and take some photos isit ?  then he led the horse out of the stall and before I knew it I was in the saddle,  yeeehaawww..i would like to thank the pakcik for going out of his way to make my dream come true 😀

We passed an area /track for the remote-cars – I am not sure the proper term for this lah..it’s a pity that we didn’t get to see any action,  we might be a bit too early, but we did see  some guys who seemed to be setting up their gears for this.


The drizzle was pretty light and didn’t bother us, so we continued with our walk along the lake




How to get to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa :

Map from   http://www.mycen.com.my/map/titiwangsa.html


  1. Alice Law says:

    Thanks you for blogging about Titiwangsa Horse Ride, was looking for the Biz hours! 😉

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Alice, glad to be of service. Enjoy the rides ! 🙂

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