Goon Wah 冠華 @Kuchai Lama –Part Deux

Posted: March 21, 2009 in @ Kuchai Lama
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Before writing this, I was counting how many times  I have  been to Goon Wah since that first visit, ok, 5 . and they were all with different groups of people , and this is the problem, as these are different group of people, you ( meaning ME) end up ordering the same dishes , since the dishes are the ‘chew phai choy’ ( speciality) , not that I am complaining, I never tire of the claypot lou shue fen ( rat tail noodles) . So, this time, NO fish head, NO lou shue fen and NO kau yoke… life is soooo tough….. ( You can read about my earlier visit here )

We decided to try out the Kong Nam Noodles (江南麵 ) , ohh..where have you been all my life oh..Kong Nam noodles..this was really yummy noodles. On top of the crispy noodles, you get lotsa stuff including  : Chinese cabbage, baby corn, sweet peas, black mushroom, black fungus, button mushroom, sotong, prawns, slices of meat, century egg, pig intestine, carrots…. The noodles taste good when crispy or when soften by the gravy, they weren’t  soft or  soggy. The gravy wasn’t overly starchy which was the way I like the gravy to be. Yummylicious. Considering the ingredients.I think the price of RM9 / plate  is justified ..


Also ordered a side dish of stir fried kailan shoots. the kailan were soft and yet crunchy, I detect the taste of oyster sauce,  there were no other ingredients except the fried shallots for garnishing, very simple and yet, taste so good. (RM8)


 We also ordered  Seng Kwong Horfun ( 星光粿粉) – translated to mean, starlight koayteow. The noodle arrived with an uncooked egg yolk  in it’s middle. Probably this looks like the sun / star breaking from the darkclouds hence the name ? I dunno, my guess only. This is not a  colourful looking dish it just look like one big blob of very tanned koay teow, but during the process of mixing  / covering up the egg under the noodles , there were onions ( whole lot of it) and pork slices ( cut very generously) plus chue yau char ( fried lard), ahh..the joy of biting into a piece of chue yau char as it oozes the fat..HHMMmmmm..sinful… I find the noodles slightly sweet-ish, i rate this as average. (RM7)


Out of  the 5 tables around my table ( that I managed to crane my neck so far to kaypor), all of them had as a minimum, fish head noodles and claypot lou shue fen on the tables.

Goon Wah has a variety of  noodles dishes on the menu- which calls for more visits in the future.  I will be backkkkkk


Operating hours : 9:30 am – 3:30 pm, off on Sat and Sunday


Goon Wah Restaurant 冠華自助餐宴服务 ( tel : 7982 0048 / 0722)

G13 Jalan 3/115C, Block KP 2,

Taman Kuchai Jaya

Off Jalan Kuchai Lama

58200 KL



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