Vietnam Kitchen @ Citrus Park , Old Klang Road

Posted: March 18, 2009 in @ Old Klang Road
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I have always liked going for a meal at Vietnam Kitchen, maybe the dim lights, predominantly wooden deco,  pretty lanterns sooth the spirits.. nice atmosphere, cozy, and best of all – fairly priced good food !

There are a variety of a la carte meals to choose from, including famous Vietnamses dishes like Pho (  beef noodles), Vietnamese spring rolls ( the ones with the very thin ‘skin’, not our regular popiah), the fish paste on sugar cane thingy, Vietnamese coffee etc etc. To make life easier, suggest to look through what they have for the set meals , and then order some ala carte dishes.


There are 5 sets to choose from and the sets are basically dependent on the number of pax, with a range from

Set A  for 2-3 pax @RM33,9,

Set B for 3-4 pax @RM49.90,

Set C for 4-5 pax @RM76.90

Set D for 7 -8 pax @RM129.90

Set E for 9 -10 pax @ RM185.90

( NB: the sets doesn’t include rice)


There were for of us, I didn’t quite fancy Set B, but Set C seemed interesting ( and with some assurance from the waitress that it’s not too much for us) , Set C it is.

 There are a variety of drinks available, if you hadn’t tried ciku or a jackfruit ( nangka)  drink, suggest that you try them, I love both, but not everyone like it lah. I am not a coffee drinker, so I hadn’t tried the Vietnamese coffee.

We ordered Waterchestnut ( RM5.90) – soothing , Six Treasure (RM5.90)  -which is something like LinChiKang ;Soursop milk shake (RM6.90)-very rich and refreshing and I forgot the name of the last drink, which is a red bean thingy (RM5.90) -which is typically a red bean drink -the beans were blended and topped with some jelly -I like, I like


Sesame Chicken – the chicken pieces came with slices of star fruit and generously sprinkled with sesames,  the chicken pieces had some sticky thick gravy on them and  , although fried -were tender , it was a blend of sweet with a tinge of spiciness – hmm..nice


I am discovering everyday that I can be (am)  a dimwit, and happenings around me seemed to confirm that..the serving of the dishes happened pretty quickly and 2 or 3 dishes came at the same time, when the Stirfried egg plant with belacan and dried shrimps arrived at the table, I looked at the dish and thought  aiyoo..why the waitress  so careless one geh , the eggplants also all slipped out of the ‘mold’ ady. Only after my fellow dinners commented on how pretty the presentation of the dish- did I realised I am a dungu…no appreciation for art ..anyway, the important thing is -this was a very yummy eggplant dish- the dish came with onions, spring onions, chilies- the belacan wasn’t too overpowering and blended really well with the eggplant.


Hot plate basil pork with nuts – when I saw the dried chili in this dish, it sorta make me hesitate a bit la, before I prod my fork into this, anyway, it wasn’t as hot as it looked , basil makes the pork slices interesting, interesting taste..refreshing, the soft chickpeas was an interesting partner in this dish . I liked this, but my companions just gave this an average rating . This is  very much like Kung-pou chicken ( minus cashew nut, plus chickpeas, minus chicken, plus pork) 😛 .


Lemongrass fishfillet- another elegantly presented dish. The surface of the fillets were topped  with some blended fried spices/herbs stuff that includes predominantly  lemongrass , the fragrant of the lemongrass topping plus the meaty  fillets makes this a very enjoyable dish. The fillets were placed on top of some blanched vege (siau-pai chai).


 Prawns in pineapple delight, the mid sized prawns were quite fresh,  the gravy was not too thick, sweet and spicy, a milder version of tom yam-  was pretty good, I agree, it was a delight .


 Overall, a pretty good meal enjoyed by all.


Vietnam Kitchen OUG

Lot G12, Ground Flr, Citrus Park,

Plaza OUG, Jalan Klang Lama

Operating  hours :  daily 11am – 10:30pm


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