Deerland Park @ Lanchang Pahang

Posted: March 15, 2009 in Sights
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If you have come all the way to Kuala Gandah to visit the elephants, then I would suggest that you stop by the Deerland Park too. You will pass the park  on the way to Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre ( For locations to Kuala Gandah please click here)

Entrance fee is RM5 for adults and RM3 for children, non Mycard holders pay a higher rate. This is the entrance / where you purchase the tickets


And this is the map of the place, although named Deerland, it’s like a mini zoo with other animals too


When we were at the deer enclosure, which was quite a large area and I could spot many of them too , a handler was handling out baskets of bread for the visitors to feed the deers ( FOC), so you could get pretty close to them.


 I was totally excited seeing the hedgehogs, I couldn’t remember meeting them at the Nasional Zoo, …the handler told us that these were albino hedgehogs..they looked so cute and mean spiky



I never thought that Ostrich could be so people friendly /camera friendly, I keep on cautioning my niece to be careful just in case she gets a peck from that large beak but Bigbird doesn’t seemed to care, it just want to pose for the camera lah


And at a rest area, a handler was draping a python over a ( scared looking) makcik for her photo shoot and not too far away, another handler could be seen with a  parrot in tow and asking the waiting group to stand in line for him to place the colourful parrot on one’s shoulder for ( more) photo shoot. Somebody commented that this was better than Zoo Negara , where you have to must pay a sum take photos with the parrots or the pythons.

 At the sun bear enclosure, it was a surprise that the barriers were so low, couldn’t the bear get over the 3 low metal wires to break free ? anyway, at another location, another bear was on ‘exhibit’ . Mr ( or Ms) bear sitting on a rock with the handler  , and one could sit beside it and scratch it’s back or pet it,  and it was a shock because the handler was feeding it a canned Cincau drink …HUH ? is that a special diet ? after watching this, I start to wonder about are there any proper handling ( nutrition, medication, care etc)  of  the animals in here….anyway, back to the bear, I asked the handler- does the bear has a favourite drink, he said, it doesn’t quite like gassy drinks but does like the cincau drink  for it’s chewable bits and also being non-gassy.


I missed the enclosure for the monkeys , but my niece came back very excited about it, the handler asked the kids to stand in line and then the monkey jump from shoulder to shoulder. 

 I saw these donation boxes at the exit ( also the entrance)


I was laughing over the boxes and the ladies at the counter said ‘ ya la, not just the animals need donations, the staff too , this is a private company mahhh’ .

 Overall, the group found it more interesting than the Elephants ! ( I guess it was a too long wait at the Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre for the interactive  activities to begin ) but I must say that after seeing the sun bear and cincau session , it left a lot of question marks lah …hmmm…

Deerland Park opens daily ( except Fridays)

Opening hours 10.30 am – 5.30 pm.

 Tel : 092797249

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