Baba Low’s 486 @ Bangsar

Posted: March 10, 2009 in @ Bangsar
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Chunny has been eyeing Baba Low’s since we saw the shop during our visit to our visits to Baan Ah Haan Thai  , so it was a dream come true ( err..slight exaggeration there) when we finally stepped into Baba Low’s on that Saturday pm for lunch.

 A party had occupied a long table and were just leaving when we entered the shop but mostly there were patrons of two or fours having their meals and most of the tables were taken up.

The writing’s on the wall or more precisely the menu is on the blackboard lah, as u can see …


There are main dishes like nasi nyoya ( this is either chicken rendang or fish), nyoya laksa, nasi lemak, mee siam, ayam O ( said to be something like chicken rice- but u can either have rice or noodles) . Side dishes like tauhu sumbat, pie tee, popiah ( spring rolls- the unfried version), otak2, chicken wings are also available.

we squinted for a while to read the menu and bargain amongst ourselves on who will order what and finally decided on Nyoya laksa for Chunny and Mee Siam for myself, with 1 side dish of Otak2 to share and 2 cendols.

A Pakcik in songkok came to deliver our bowls of cendols.


Taste wise, this was average, the santan/gula melaka ( palm sugar)  taste wasn’t thick  enough for me, the cendol also appeared intensely green , we found 3 red beans in the cendols

The Mee Siam came in a basket lined with brown waxy paper, sorry, I deleted the pix by mistake, so you would have to take my word for it. there were shreds of cucumber on the side plus some other stuff ( I forgot as I didn’t take notes and I don’t have a pix to refer to, what a bad reporter I am !)  half a boiled egg as well, a limau kasturi too. I squeezed the whole limau of which I probably shouldn’t as the mee hoon turned out a bit too soggy ( my own fault). The mee hoon texture was ok, but the lime juice + the already present chili sauce in the noodles tasted just ok.

Chunny’s Nyoya laksa looks more promising


When delivering the bowl, the waitress explained  that because the egg was very small, she put in the 2 halves instead of just one – so if you order the same bowl, don’t expect to get 2 halves, ok ? there were pieces of tau fu pok, shreds of cucumber, prawns and cockles,  the gravy is like what you get with curry mee, although  ingredients like cucumber is probably not what you will find in a bowl of curry mee.  According to Chunny, it lacked some Ummppp..  this was average,

There were some commotion at the counter, and we could hear the lady at the counter apologizing that it’s the particular staff’s first day at work, blah blah blah, at that time, we had finished our noodles and there were still no sight of the Otak2. After a reminder, the waitress came to our table and said that she will re-heat the dish for us as it had gone cold. The Otak2 arrived flanked  on both sides with slices of cucumber and bread.


I hadn’t seemed Otak2 served with bread before..well, maybe it’s the Nyoya’s version, , the texture was dry, rough and grainy, the fish meat was still in a whole piece rather than the blended pasty version  , the taste was spicy and ( overly) sweetish, , i would  rate this average  and surprisingly Otak2 and bread is a pretty good combination !

Baba Low’s 486 is open daily from 7 am – 10 pm. Breakfast is all day long , they have a traditional breakfast set at RM2.50 and RM5.00 for the western set. This place serves halal food ( judging from the patron anyway) and u also get free Wi Fi



 Baba Low’s 486

Lorong Kurau , Bangsar,

Kuala Lumpur

 If u need help with the location , u can refer to the map from this posting , click here , Baba Low’s is just 2 shops away.


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