Yum Sap @ Bangkok

Posted: March 2, 2009 in Glorious Food Elsewhere

I like going on my Thai working trips, my usual stay would be at Emerald Hotel at Rachada- which has a pretty good spread for breakfast ( hhmm..the pork noodles..yummmm), and after ‘work’ in the evenings, I will  take a 15 minutes walk and end up at Carrefour or Robinsons , or walk the opposite way to the Hwai Khuang train station, or to the night market.

And if I can make it, I will try to have one meal at Yum Sap – which is a franchise food outlet serving thai dishes, from my net search, there are more than 25 branches in Bangkok, The menu is also  ‘foreigner friendly’  – pictorial , and available in Thai/ English.   (note the logo for Yum Sap-the yellow smiley face on the top left of the menu )


I had dinner on my own and ordered a set meal, they have a few options, and I choose the rice + fish cakes + green curry chicken – this meal cost me 72B. The chicken curry came in a little bowl, what is shown here is just part of the  curry.


That’s the problem of eating on your own, your choices are limited. However, the next day, after visiting a customer around Bangna, we stopped at a shopping complex near Bangna for lunch and my host decided to have a meal at Yum Sap.

We had cuttlefish salad -springy and fresh cuttlefish in sweet+spicy+sour sauce. Very refreshing .  note the amount of vege that came with the dish… cabbages on the side, and generous amount of  mint and onion with the cuttlefish.


Som Tam ( papaya salad) with salted eggs, if you have read the other posting before this, you would know about my host’s  affinity for this dish. Apart from the papaya shreds, you get long beans, cabbage, peanuts, dried prawns, tomato, chili padi , salted egg etc…, the sauce was really great, sweet, sour, spicy, salty.. perfect, 10 /10


Fish cakes – the deep fried cakes were springy, the cakes are brownish red  ( not whitish as per  normal fish cakes. Must be the special blend with the spices, chili paste etc- I guess) –  the texture can be a bit tough in a nice kinda way, and  with a tinge of spiciness if you are lucky to bite into some chili padi.


Mama Som Tam – seemed that Mama = instant noodles , and the sauce /taste is as per Som Tam, but the ingredients differs, i.e mama (not mine) / the noodles, replacing the papaya shreds as the main component, sounds a bit weird, but I assure you, this is yummilicous. There is also hotdog ( huh ?), squid, cabbage, long beans, peanut, bamboo shoot , chili padi . This is actually a meal on it’s own. (good, an additional choice of food at Yum Sap  if I were to dine alone).


Fried chicken – the meat almost fell off the bones ( is this good or bad ?) , the meat was tender , and overall very tasty fried chicken.  Again, note the amount of the accompanying vege that comes with the dish.


The total bill plus drinks for 3 pax was less that 600B ( <RM60).

I wish we had Yum Sap back in KL …

  1. may says:

    I would like to know where have yumsap close by Suvarnabhumi.
    please SOS…
    i love yumsap!

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Sawadee May, u love Yum Sap too haaaa…. i tried to do a search, but can’t seemed to find the official website or sites stating their branches (maybe if i search in Thai, i might find something), sooo..i am sorry, can’t help u . anyway, if i come to the info someday , i will update this. regards

  3. […] at Yum Sap. I would really loved to have the Green curry chicken and the fish paste set again ( click here on earlier review of Yum Sap ) , but then decide to go for ‘ sticky rice with  papaya salad and […]

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