Nai Reung Lap Pek @Bangkok

Posted: February 28, 2009 in Glorious Food Elsewhere

I was really looking forward to dinner as my stomach was still working on Malaysian time meaning that it’s already 9 pm according to my stomach,  and I am not yet fed!

Nai Reung Lap Pek ( NRLP) is a busy place, dinner was in full swing and almost all the tables were taken up when we stepped into the restaurant. There was not a mat salleh in sight, and gave the impression of being where the locals would eat, until I overheard the conversation of the people over at the next table, their slang very familiar..Malaysians !

NRLP serves Isan style food.( Wikipedia : Isan is the northeast region of Thailand. Isan’s culture is predominantly Lao, and has much in common with that of the neighbouring country of Laos. )

 I won’t bother to do the ordering,  specification and criteria  was provided to the host ‘ I eat anything one lah..but not too spicy, khop khun’.

Each table will get a basket of salad- which brought the conversation to why  Thai women are slim because  they eat a lot of vegetables ( the rest of the party consist of 3 guys). From the salad basket- there were slices of cucumber, 1/8th  head of  cabbage, basil, pegaga and errr…some other  unidentified greens.


We ordered white rice and some sticky rice, the sticky rice came in pretty straw containers, they were soft yet retain some chewy-ness


The fried fish boneless and with the meat were cut into chunks was plainly fried without sauce or gravy but yet taste very good, although deep fried, the meat wasn’t oily, crunchy on the outside and soft on the insides, Yum ( the pix looks kinda funny, i tried to rotate it but it still looks odd on all sides…must be some green stuff i ate)


Pork liver ( lap mu) was a combination of pork intestine and liver, with generous amount of onion and chili, it was kinda spicy but bearable, I find the liver a bit overdone , so some pieces were a bit tougher than what I would prefer, but  it was still pretty good.


Fried pork ribs- notice the salads that comes with the dish ( no wonder Thai women are slim !) – I think we should have more salads accompanying our food in Malaysia ! Celery, slices of ginger and some fried peanuts came with the well marinated bite-size pork ribs, they were  deep fried to perfection, and yet, the meat remained tender.  this went really well with our Chang beer. Porkylicious


The mix soup ( tom sept) looks deceiving, red means danger-hot hot hot, colourless should be pretty harmless until I noticed the dried chili swimming in the soup, I took one spoonful of the soup and immediately felt my tongue burn, very the potent one lerr..and that was all I had from the soup ! there were chunks of fish meat in the soup which I had to forgo..sniff..can I have more pork ribs as compensation ?


Som Tam ( papaya salad) with salted eggs, I noticed that som tam +salted egg is my host favourite dish, he orders this wherever he go ! I had to do some sorting out of the chili padi when taking this. Green papaya + tomato + peanuts + dried prawns + salted egg + chili +special sauce  all go into a wooden mortar and pestle gadget, everything gets pounded for a bit , Voila ! Som tam . This was a well done som tam, sour + sweet +spice+ saltiness from the salted egg. Somtamalicious


Isan sausage ( sai kork) was lovely…deep fried and succulent, I can’t find any fault with the sausages – not like the Chinese sausages where there are lotsa lard chunks , these sausages are packed to the brim with meat, I guess I felt less guilty eating this than I would Chinese sausages. Oink Oink. ( pix below is ‘contaminated’ with fish slices from the other dish)


A very enjoyable meal indeed….pork ribs..hmmm…so dreamy one…

 Location- the restaurant is a few roads ( walking distance) from the Town-In-Town Hotel, Bangkok, which should be at  Ladprao Road, Wangthonglang



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