Uncle Khim Noodles @ Rayong, Thailand

Posted: February 24, 2009 in Glorious Food Elsewhere

Was in Thailand for a short working trip which involved a drive to Rayong, after coming off the plane at Suvarnabhumi Airport, we drove about 2 hours . Rayong is located at the Gulf of Thailand, ~ 180km southeast from Bangkok, 70 km southwest of Pattaya.For some interesting sights and info on  Rayong, you can try clicking here




 After visiting a customer and saying the necessaries and some unnecessaries and since it was nearing lunch time our Thai host suggested to drop by Uncle Khim’s place which is said to  famous for it’s variety of noodles.

Uncle Khim occupied the whole ground floor of a building at a corner , which is about the size of  2 shop lot, we sat on  thick teak wood trunks made into chairs, and to help make the selection easier, there were pictures of the variety of noodles  available.

I am not sure what to order, I love all type of Thai Koay teow ( noodle soup), so I left it for our host to order. And being a bit on the kiasu side ( or maybe host is afraid that I will be the kiasu type) ,  they seemed to have ordered the everything-in-one noodles. It was an interesting combination , in the bowl ( 1 piece each) you have   : pork ribs, wan tharn, prawn and what appears to be 2 different variation of ‘siu mai’ , there were some taugeh, and the noodles were the thin koay teow. This was pretty good. , but it was kinda weird to have dimsum in my noodles lerrr, the ‘siu mai’ were mince meat +fish paste wrapped in some batter, one was slightly greenish and the other yellowish….


And the usual sights in koay teow shop, you will have the various sauces/ condiments : dried chili, watery chili paste, green chili and sugar. My host did a ‘semua taruh’ and dumped spoonfuls of chilies, sugar, dried chili into his bowl of koay teow- that happened before he tasted the soup.. I just added a bit of the dried chili powder and boyy..it was fiery ..


For side orders : we had plain fried fish cakes,


And fried  fish cakes in tofu


Both were  good, the fish paste was springy and tasty..

i wonder do they have a version where they add  char siu pau into the koay teow ?


This is the signboard for the shop,



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