Thai Style Kuih Lapis

Posted: February 18, 2009 in Things To Do

Another recipe that I used the recipe from ‘Delightful Sweet Treats’ by YThree Publisher    

 Ingredients :

 A)130 g rice flour

600g tapioca flour

500ml concentrated coconut milk

400ml water

B) 450g caster sugar

700 ml diluted coconut meal

1 tsp salt

2 blades pandan leaves

 C) colourings

I didn’t use any colourings  and opted to go natural with  pandan juice,  so it was only a 2-toned kuih lapis ( white / green) lah

To get the pandan juice for a green colouring – Blend 5-6 blades of pandan leaves ( add a bit of water) and squeeze the juice


 1 Mix ingredient A

2. Boil ingredient B and pour into A. Stir well

 3. Divide batter into 2 portions ( as I only have the natural ( uncoloured/white) and the pandan layer, if you have more colourings, divide them into appropriate portions.) If you are the meticulous type that need all the layers to be of the same thickness down to the mm, then separate the batter into 9 portions lorr)

 4.Pour in the ‘natural’ coloured batter into a tin ( 9″ x9″). Steam for 4 mins over medium heat, next pour the pandan coloured batter, steam for 4 minutes. Repeat the process with the other coloured batter until you finish the batter. The last layer should be steamed 25-30 minutes.


5. Uncover the steamer during the last 5 minutes (to dry the surface)

 6. And very importantly, make sure the kuih is cool for a couple of hours before it is cut ( I heard of someone who leaves it overnight before they cut it). The pix shown here is what u get if you are not patient enough to wait a few hours for the kuih to cool before cutting ( i.e it was difficult to cut/ very soft and gooey so we got all the uneven shapes and sizes)



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