SING KEE KITCHEN 成記港式焼蝋 @ Taman Desa

Posted: February 12, 2009 in @Taman Desa

I was first introduced to Sing Kee by AhWong, who took once took 3 meals a week at Sing Kee and attempted the 4th with us. It didn’t leave that great an impression on me at that time, sometime later, I brought some friends there and they were full of praises for the char-siu and the roast pork.

A few months back, I had to attend a pot-luck dinner, and not overly confident with my culinary skills, I ordered a roast duck from Sin Kee and it was a hit at the dinner.

Although it was suppose to be my vegetarian day, I am being pretty flexible about it ( read :greedy) , and as I was craving for roast duck (yeah, craving for roast duck on a vegetarian day) , my lunch with Theng was decided to be at Sing Kee.  Been sometime since my sit-down dinner at Sin Kee, and found that they had taken over / renovated the shop next door as well, it’s now a spanking-shiny modern eating outlet, complete with modern lighting and modern furniture-anyway.

 Both of us ordered Roast Duck- dried wan tan mee. There are plenty of side orders from the counter : one popular dish is the sour vegetable -Choy – mei ( you know the dish – the leftovers of  wedding’s dinner ( vege, meat etc) is mixed and re-cycled in a big pot- although I am sure Sin Kee source is not from recycled wedding dinners), and of course the Roasts ( pork, char siu, chicken, duck), fried fish , vegetable etc. But as we were in a hurry, we just had the noodles.


Whenever I passed Sin Kee during meal hours, the place is pretty crowded, I guess the large variety of choice help as it’s not just roast stuff that you can get here, and for the stand-alone meals, you get a choice of  rice or noodles, there were also signs promoting their soups.


The noodles was pretty good, springy and with the gravy at the correct flavour, and the duck was good, the skin was crispy (my vegetarian menu out the window), the meat was tender and marinated just right which  brought out the taste of  ‘duck’ very well. The soup was so-so, a bit too ‘flourly’ for me.

 NB: Sing Kee also sells yam-puffs and kaya-puffs, I hadn’t tried these , so I can’t comment, but the yam-puffs certainly looked very promising.


Operating hours

9:00 am – 0:30 pm

Location :

61A Jalan Desa Bakti,

Taman Desa, 58100 KL

Tel : 7981 6136

  1. Toon says:

    Hello…You should try their roast pork as well…it is nice!

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Thanks Toon , will try that (problem is – when i see roast duck, can’t resist ordering it 😀 ) . Have u tried the yam puffs or kaya puffs ? any good ka ?

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