A Nation of litterbugs and vandals ( and bad spellers ) ?

Posted: February 7, 2009 in Mumblings

After lunch at Sin Kee took a walk down the road (Brickfields)  , passed a bus station and  found the following ( which might be a common sights at the bus-stands across the country)

  • – Did you leave this ?


  • – Did you leave this ?


  • – Did you leave this ? (Somebody must have been pretty eager to get into their new pair of Nikes )


 Turning into Jalan Rozario, I was greeted by this expressive road sign, but  …. can you spot what is missing ? jln-rozario

Answer : Stickers offering credit / Ahlong’s adverts


And I hope Vicky does a better job of house cleaning that he/she does of spelling lorrr



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