Koon Kee 冠记 @ Petaling Street

Posted: February 3, 2009 in @Petaling Street
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Humans are habitual beings, for example, if I go to Petaling Street, I tend to do 2 things, 1- eat Wan Tan Mee , 2 – tarpau a dumpling ( with everything in it :salted egg, chestnut, mushroom, fatty pork, mung beans)  for next day’s breakfast  .  ( and sometimes # 3- have the logan & melon drink).

We had a heavy ( and late) breakfast and the gang thought that we might even be able to last until dinner, but…a little bit past 12:30 and I started to show signs  of a malnutritioned person stranded on a deserted island ( kinda like Tom Hanks in Castaway minus the beard and Mr Wilson)  and since we were in Petaling Street, it was kinda natural that the itinerary for lunch would be Wan Tan mee at Koon Kee.


 I ordered char siu wan tan mee (wtm)  ( even looking at the picture as I am writing …my mouth salivate for that tasty and succulent char siu) ..the mee was finer than the normal noodles used in wtm, and it was springy- the gravy was a bit salty though, and I would prefer the wan tan with a bit more meat as what I got was more the ‘skin’ rather than meat lorr..


Chunny had the char siu + kai si (chicken shreds) wtm. While waiting for our meal, AhPhengg had nipped down the corner to tarpau the logan +melon drink for us. Kun Kee seemed pretty cool about this, although they serve their own drink -chrysentimun or sugar cane or chinese tea


 AhPhenggg had the thung ku+ kai kiok ( mushroom + kaki ayam) wtm -which was one other option that I would have ordered as I love the chewy wrinkled stewed  phoenix feet ( nicer way of saying kaki ayam)


 Chunny performed a magic trick by turning  2 chopsticks into 3 – Voila…this is better than Copperfield !   (chopstick was broken while attempting to dislodge part of  the ayam’s kaki from AhPhengg’s plate – this is not an indication that the kaki was too tough, but rather – #1 they don’t make chopsticks like they used to #2 Chunny has hidden kung fu  for chopstick breaking # 3 global warming ( well, everything is related to global warming !!)


Location :


Opposite Hong Leong Bank at the busy Petaling street


NB: I don’t think they charged us for the damaged  chopstick

  1. jowee says:

    Koon Kee Dumpling is my favourite since 80’s.
    Another few recommendations if you are in PS:-
    1) Yong Tau Foo (behind Pak Peng building). Operate from 11am till 2pm
    2) Asam Laksa (beside Pak Peng building). Operate during night time.
    3) Grilled Fish (opposite Koon Kee). Operate during night time.

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Jowee : the grill fish u mentioned, is that the one where they serve in aluminium foils one ha ? that one i heard is very spicy one la..i scared to try la, i cannot take pedas food one ( very char). Ahh Yong Tau Foo & asam laksa….i like, i like — will look out for that. Thanks !

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