Lemongrass @ The Mines, Serdang

Posted: January 24, 2009 in @ Serdang
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Hadn’t been to The Mines for sometime (since the road construction/ diversion), so it wasn’t surprising ( although could have been avoided if we had been more observant) that we took the wrong way and headed off to Balakong rather than turn left into the Mines, a few minutes later , missed the U-turn and had to take one which was /seemed soooo far away, which resulted in some heated exchanges and sour faces. ANNNNND…to add on to that after the U-turn – and happily heading to the right direction, where we were suppose to make a left after the traffic light, the turn was made before the traffic light which got us heading to Balakong the second time ….if it was any consolation, we managed to take the first U-turn at after that…took the correct turn into the Mines…..dungu or what ?

Taking wrong turns really quickens one’s metabolisme and make one’s  stomach growl…

We decided to have lunch at Lemongrass- from previous experience they serve a pretty good laksa. Lemongrass is  a ‘ self-service’ eatery , you to go to the counter to place your order, and then later carry the food yourself. They serve local fares -on the menu include :- Nasi Lemak / Nasi Kuning/ Nasi wangi  (with choice of  chicken or beef rendang), Asam laksa, curry laksa, Koay teow soup etc

 The soup of the laksa was very thick and saturated with small chunks of fish meat , although there were not that many larger larger pieces, the onions were there and so where the cucumber strips, there weren’t that many pieces of pineapple in it though .. the taste was pretty ok- although i would like it to be a but more salty- funnily the soup was oily ( I wonder why? As it’s not often that one get oily laksa) which makes drinking the soup a bit of a damper. The laksa was RM7.90/ bowl.


I ordered the nasi wangi with chicken ( RM8.90)  , there was an unidentifiable blob of black thingy /sauce on the side ( not sambal)- which was slightly sweet  but I couldn’t make out what it was, the pampadam was slightly ‘masuk angin’, the chicken rendang was good, the chicken must have been cooked very long as the meat was very tender and the taste of the curry had marinated the meat very well.


This is what Lemongrass looks like – you get to sit under a big umbrella (ella, ella, ella..eh, eh eh eh eh ) although they is really not much chance of getting sun stroke or drench by the rain indoors.


Anyway, one thing I would like to talk about is the car park at The Mines, those of you that have been here would be aware that instead of naming the areas numerically / alphabetically , the Mines code the areas by animals..so it can be kinda confusing if you missed kiddy school and didn’t get to know the names of the animals…Oh, this is not what I am going to talk about but rather the use of lights to indicate the availability of parking space-red means occupied and green means empty- which is pretty helpful-instead of going all the way down the lanes thinking that there is an empty lot only to find the space is occupied by a small car – anyway, I may be a frog under the tempurung- as not that I have been to so many other car parks, this might be a common thing at most car park lorrr… 



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