Kedai Kopi Hock Seng Hin @ Pudu

Posted: January 21, 2009 in @ Pudu

Wikipedia Lim – my food adviser had been raving about this shop that sells the best stewed fish head in KL for sometime and patient to draw maps and provide directions on how to get to this shop ( try explaining this to someone with no sense of direction- and this really requires a lot of patience lorrr)

 And some pre-warning from Wikipedia :-

  • – be ready with some reading materials – as it could be a long wait
  • – the lady taking the orders is very garang ( fierce) – don’t ask when is your turn to be seated

 Finally the day arrived, actually the place  was not too difficult to find- directions at the end of this post.There were rows of plastic chairs at the five feet way ( kaki lima)  for those waiting to be seated at the ‘dining area’ ,  and there were already 2 groups waiting, so we took a seat and waited, wasn’t too long before a lady came to us and ask everyone, who came first – everyone was ethical and did not lie about their turn. Lady then start to take orders ( so you order your food while you wait to be seated-which is a pretty good practice), we ordered stewed fish, bittergourd and stewed ribs and fried sai-yong-choy ( watercress). Corrections, the lady wasn’t garang , but she came across a no-nonsense person and she does have a strong voice.

We waited for about 15 minutes, and while waiting noticed a few things:-

  • – the diners will send ‘representatives’ to wait for turns, while the rest of the group arrive a bit later
  • – Each table had the fish which came in tons of gravy
  • – There was a white ceramic bowl at each table

We were seated at a pretty good table at the centre of the shop but before we got too comfortable, another waitress came to our table and asked us to move to a table further behind the shop- to make way for a bigger group, we didn’t object.

 It wasn’t too long afters, a big ceramic bowl and some smaller plastic bowls plus eating utensils arrived at our table. So, turned out that the ceramic bowl is the rice bowl lorrr….


Next we had the fish, you could not but gape at this dish …numerous  pieces of fish was swimming in the gravy together with condiments of ginger, chilies, garlic etc etc. I am not a good fish identifier, but it looks/taste  like cat-fish, the fish was fresh and fleshy and smooth . I guess it’s pretty ok fish maybe due to that I had ( maybe too) high expectations of the fish and expect it to be perfect ! The 4 pax seated beside our table, ordered 2 plates of fish and no other dishes ! So, don’t take my ‘average’ rating  for this dish , this fish must have pretty good rating with all the other diners  ! ( this is a standard size dish, no S, M or L, just one size fits all)


The stewed pork ribs and bittergourd arrived next and YUMMMMMYY..i love this dish, the ‘fire of the stove’ can be felt in this dish, the gravy taste of fermented soybeans, the gourd was soft and the ribs were tender and well marinated. Other versions of bittergourd include :fried  with prawns or  roast pork or stewed with chicken . Bittergourd fried with prawns seemed to be a popular dish as we saw this being served at quite a number of tables.


Wikipedia Lim recommended to order the Chicken soup – yet again- this is a standard size dish ( no S,M, L) and it’s one chicken/ soup-due to our small group ( 3 pax) – we decide to save this dish for the next trip.The garlic stir fried watercress dish was a good choice and good balance for the two other dish we had which had pretty strong domineering taste. The watercress were tender and yet crunchy and we enjoyed this very much.


Overall- a pretty good meal !! I still can’t get over the stewed pork ribs + bittergourd ..hmmmm

By the way, if you have a chance to pay the kitchen a visit ( as this is a short cut to the car park behind)  you will be pleasantly surprised. There are no big fancy gas stove, but Hock Seng Hin still uses firewood for cooking !! no wonder the dishes taste so good-that makes me appreciate the food a bit more .


Location :

Go towards Jalan Pudu, passed Pudu market, passed post office and when u see a Caltex station on your right and a building named Goggles –  opposite – you should see a coffee shop with some plastic chairs outside ( no signboards though) and maybe some waiting-to-be-seated patron ,  then you should immediately turn left into a  road to which leads to the car park. ( I was told that the shops opposite – i.e same row as Goggles is also a famous shop for having fishhead)

Opening hours:

Tues- Saturday  11am – 2:30pm

Sunday 9:30am – 2:30pm

Close on Monday


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