Kwang Ling Restoran @ Kota Bharu

Posted: January 5, 2009 in Glorious Food Elsewhere

Kwang Ling aka Gou Lou ( tall guy) is a popular eating place for the locals, It was a Friday night ( weekend for the state of Kelantan ) and  if we had arrived 5 minutes later, we would have to search for another eatery as all the tables were either taken up or reserved.

Claypot brinjals – the claypot arrived sizzling and smelling very good. The brinjal was soft and the presence of chili padi in the dish add some zing to the dish-highly recommended.  


Steamed fish – Chiew Chow style – the fish was fresh and fleshy,  the gravy had the sweetness of fish and add that with the salted vegetables plus tomatoes, it is good enough to drink !


We were seated at the entrance and could watch Mr Cook in action, there was 1 main cook who does the cooking and the other cook help out with the deep fried type dishes. We were amazed how they could serve the food so quickly with just 4 pair of hands. Mr Cook was very cooperative when I asked if I could take some pictures..thanks !


The Hot Plate tofu was next, the thick tofu pieces was loaded with gravy full of  cut square of carrots, mushrooms, baby corn – all of this on top of an omelet. This was average.


The much awaited plum pork ribs was next, the portion were pretty big , so we only had 1 piece per pax ( although greedy me won’t mind a few extra pieces) , the ribs were very good !! the meat was tender and well marinated, I had the urge to lick the thick gooey dark  sauce on the serving plate


Other dishes to try  : crabs ( they didn’t have this on that day), fried mamak mee.  This is also a popular breakfast place for your dose of nasi lauk and  nasi dagang

 A truly enjoyable meal. The meal – for 5 pax + drinks = RM86


Location : 3282 Jalan Pos Office Lama. Kota Baru

 ( Landmark – close to the Padang Beng ( round about), Pelangi Mall and Medan Selera)


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