Santan Pandan Jelly

Posted: December 30, 2008 in Things To Do

Flipping through  ‘Delightful Sweet Treats’ by Y Three K Publisher, (again) was a ‘lau-nuah’ (mouth watering) experience,  the desserts shown in the book were very tempting and the best bit was- the recipe didn’t call for exotic ingredients but things  that are  easily available.

 I tried the recipe below  ( original name is Pandan -Jade jelly) which was simple and  turned out pretty good. This is a 2 part recipe, complete Santan layer first and only when this layer is set ( harden) do you start on part 2 – the pandan layer


Santan – Pandan  Jelly

 Part 1  – Ingredients : Santan Layer

 3 ¼ tsps agar-agar powder

80g sugar

¼ tsp salt

250ml concentrated coconut milk

500 ml water

 Method :

 1. Mix ingredients into a pot, boil ingredients until dissolved. Sieve mixture and pour into a square mould, allow to set

 2. Use a  cutter to stamp out patterns, remove the cut-outs


Part 2 – Ingredients : Pandan layer

 2 ¼ tbsp agar-agar powder

230g castor sugar

300ml pandan juice

1000ml water



 1. Mix ingredients into a pot and boil ingredients until dissolved. Sieve mixture and pour into hallowed out pattern. Leave to set

The result :


NB: . I halved the recipe above and managed to fill a 8 ” x 8″ square pan.

 NB2: for the cut-outs from the santan layer , I arranged them on top of  the santan layer. so that when the pandan mixture is poured into the santan layer, the green will fill up the hallowed parts on the santan layer and on the pandan layer, you will also get the santan pattern .

NB3 :  did a big bo-bo as I  didn’t notice that for the pandan layer, the agar-agar powdered is measured in tablespoon whereas the santan layer was measured  in teaspoon.

 I was wondering why the pandan layer used so much of water but  less agar-agar powder, I already poured the pandan mixture onto the santan layer and after more than 15 minutes, it hadn’t set …and only then….i re-read the recipe – did I realized my error of using teaspoon instead of tablespoon…. I poured the un-set mix back into a pan and added the correct amount agar-agar powder and repeat the procedure. Lucky it turned out ok

  1. eve says:

    pretty nice….can try on gula melaka jelly too ya….

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Ya, i was pleased with the results, rather than the normal 2 layered stuff that i do, at least this one ( with the pattern and all) looked a bit ‘glamour’ lorr

  3. eve says:

    do u have facebook acc?

  4. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Eve, ambo tak dok facebook acct ( sebenarnyo ajing stak tapi tok aktif pah kito lupo doh)

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