Marco Seafood @ Kompleks Cemera Asri , Medan & Maha Vihara Maitreya

Posted: December 19, 2008 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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We arrived at Marco around 8pm ( which is 9pm Malaysian time, way way past my dinner time..stomach growling…). Marco is an open air restaurant, the street in front of the restaurant is arranged with red plastic chairs and white tables, my host mentioned that dining starts from 5pm until late night. While making way to our table, noticed that people were feasting on crabs, prawns, ikan bakar etc and the place was nearly full, there’s also indoor seats and there is not a single soul in there, so I guess people in Medan share the same sentiments with the Malaysian on their preference to dine in open areas lah..

My host had brought along his 8 year old kid who was decked in pink from  head ( pink ribbons) to toe (pink sandals), I was trying to catch her eye and making faces at her ( actually, I have a funny looking face even without trying)  but she seemed to sulk and punch her father’s belly  whenever I try to talk to her, I think she will make a good WWF contender..

We had asparagus soup,- not the mat salleh type but  which looked like sharkfin soup with the ‘egg flower’ ( egg twirls) and as for the taste, it taste like shark fin soup ( plus the starchy part) with undertones of spiciness, the asparagus was soft and goes well with the soup.


When I took out the camera to snap some pictures of the dishes, little girl had this puzzle and sulky  look on her face ( my interpretation  of her expression is ‘what is this crazy woman doing, has she gone off her rocker..’) well..they hadn’t impose any fasten seat belt ruling about the rocker, i fell off loh..

 The fried taugeh ( minus the kepala) was next , there were bits of spring onions and prawns in the dish. The taugeh was fried with some garlic,  The dish looked plain with not much of colour, and luckily it taste better than it’s appearance.


The  deep fried sotong seemed to be the only dish that the little girl was interested in as she threw a few hard piunch to  daddy’s belly when he served her the taugeh and soup . I find the batter for the sotong a bit hard, almost like a hard-ish shell for the sotong -kinda like sotong coated in muruku flour- if you get what I mean ( i.e not like those crunchy and finer batter  that breaks easily when you bite into it ). You have to chew pretty long on the sotong as well..sotong

The fish used for the ikan bakar was cat fish, the meat was smooth (and luckily without any muddy taste) but I find that it wasn’t well marinated as the meat was tasteless.


Overall- an average meal -, I am wondering maybe we didn’t order the right dishes as judging from the big crowd at  Marco -the food must have been pretty good huh ?

After the meal, Mr Host was kind enough to suggest a visit to a temple nearby- the Maha Vihara Maitreya. It’s a pretty gigantic temple, the compound was pretty big and with a few stories as well which includes accommodation, auditoriums, classrooms and the main hall. It seemed that development work started in Jan 1999 and the official opening ceremony was in August 2008. I guess this would be added to the itinerary for the tourist to Medan.

I noticed this guy rubbing the belly of the ‘Big belly Buddha’ statue located at the outside of the main hall  ( he was carrying on for more than 5 minutes !)


I like the look of this grand looking stone lion guarding the temple grounds. There were numerous stone columns engraved with prancing dragons at the entrance which was very impressive 


There were  3 statues in the main hall, but due to the angle and the pillars , I only managed to get 2 in this picture lah. By this time, little girl has thawed a bit and we played hide and seek around the numerous pillars .


 I didn’t manage to get good pictures – but  found some interesting pictures here  , please click here


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