Cin Yen Steamboat & Chinese Food @ Medan

Posted: December 17, 2008 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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December seemed to be a good  month for getting married in Medan , we parked the car to get into Nelayan Seafood Restaurant for dinner but had to make a quick exit as the place was fully booked, my host drove passed a few Chinese restaurants and all were reserved for wedding dinners. After driving around heavy traffic, we finally arrived at Cin Yen

 Stepping into the restaurant, we were greeted by ladies in red christmas hats and the restaurant is decked with christmas decorations. As the name suggest, you can opt for steamboat or chinese food, we decide on the latter, the host did the honour of ordering the dishes which include : Fish soup with yam, Two taste chicken, stewed pig trotters and hot plate tofu.

 For appertizers, we were served stewed peanuts- which was soft and tasty; and acar – which had plenty of sesame on it , it was spicy and tasty.

 For drinks, again, a big variety of fresh juices, the host recommend the ‘sawi + nenas’ ( spinach + pineapple) – as I am a believer that nothing with pineapple in it could taste bad, I obeyed. Aprokat ( avacado) also seemed to be a Medan specialty ). The Avacado drink that my colleague ordered looked really pretty, the green drink plus twirls of thick chocolate. I must be looking very greedily at the drink, so i was allowed to scoop some of the juice from the glass..hmm..not too bad, although it seemed a pretty filling ( heavy)  drink ( as you would imagine avacado might be) .


 As for my drink, which is aka Green Garden ( or words to that effect), it is pretty good- there is no ‘green’ taste of spinach at all- probably hidden by the stronger pineapple taste.This is an interesting blend, I might try it at home.hmmm


 The fish soup is said to be new on the menu, and when it arrived, was in a very big white earthern pot, when the waitress uncovered the think the soup could easily feed 10 pax ! the soup is very much like the soup of the  fish head noodles ( plus milk)  that we get back in KL, there were pieces of fish ( fried), tofu and pieces of yam in the soup.


The stewed trotters arrived with a ‘loaf’ of fried buns, the thick and dark gravy was glistening on the fatty skin ( makes one salivate), later the waitress came by and snip-snip-snip and  cut up the trotter into smaller pieces. Dip a slice of the bun into the gravy and wrap that around a piece of the trotter  … bitting into trotters+bun+gravy….ahhhh… heavenly, the meat was tender and well marinated. This dish is one of the must order at Cin Yen.


The 2-taste chicken – one  dry and the other wet – 1 part  fried and coated with sesame, and the other one was in darkish sauce. The chicken in sauce was tasty and the interesting thing is that the fried chicken taste like fish paste..i may be hallucinating..must be the spinach + pineapple..


Due to the big soup pot, we had to rearrange the dishes every time a new dish was brought to our table, the final dish- hot plate tofu tofu pieces with chopped mushrooms and slightly spicy sauce , all on top of the hot plate lined with a thin omelet – tasty


Overall – all of the dishes were tasty and the service was pretty quick as well. Burrppp..


Cin Yen Steamboat and Chinese Food

@ Kompleks Multatuli Indah Blok AA 8 Medan

Tel : ( 061) 4572886


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