Pesta Nalanda 2008 @ Nalanda House, Serdang

Posted: December 16, 2008 in Sights
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 I wanted to post something about  Pesta Nalanda- Food Fair & Fund Raising Event before it happened- as something of an announcement , but being a lazy piggy…I procrastinate and hence, the posting is in past tense rather than the  future tense…

Pesta Nalanda 2008 was held on 14th Dec 10 am – 4pm at Nalanda House, Seri Kembangan.

 We arrived at ~ 11:30-ish and the pesta seemed to be in full swing, white tents were put up at a football field.


There were numerous stalls and a variety of choice to spend your RM10/ booklet, the majority of the stalls under the tents were selling food stuff which include : satay, curry puff, char koay teow, laksa, cakes, biscuits. Others include : books, CDs ,  stalls selling vegetables and fruits, bonsai etc etc


Festive mood filled the air as the ‘hawkers’ promote their wares loudly to attract their potential customers. At another corner, a balloon blowing competition was on, I wanted to join but I think I might be over the age limit..


At a corner of a field, there was a ‘bounce house’, parents stood around the house with their feet glued to the ground  while the  kids were bouncing and yelling inside the house. It seemed like a lot of fun, but I don’t think they will let me in..


Outside a shotlot beside Nalanda House , a kitty adoption centre was set up , curious kids were teasing the kitties that were in a cage, I wonder how many of the kitties got to go home with the kids ?


Inside the shop, a hustle bustle of activities as potential buyers hunt for the crockery of their choice, there were also notebooks ( not the PC kind), folders and books going for reasonable prices.

 We have never been (didn’t know where this was) to Nalanda House, so took this opportunity to explore the place. We climb a flight of stairs ..


After the busy scene at the Pesta grounds , stepping into Nalanda House was like stepping into a different world..

There is a main hall area, with an altar and a Buddha image where talks will take place


 I noticed that there were also a few small discussion rooms around the place.There’s also a  library


There is  another smaller room beside the main hall , the Buddha image,  the simplicity of the decorations,  the soft lights, the wooden surroundings was very calming..instant peace..



May you be well, peaceful and happy…

 Nalanda House

1764 Jalan 18/42, Taman Seri Serdang,

43300 Seri Kembangan,


Tel : 8948 8055


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