Citra Garden Seafood Restaurant @ Medan

Posted: December 16, 2008 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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Flew into Medan this morning, and the flight was slightly delayed- all due to a passenger who took up a seat beside me. During boarding, Mr X took a seat beside mine, then later stood up, and  when down the stairs ,  and from the window , I can see Mr X at the end of the ‘portable stairs’ talking to the flight attendant and the controllers, after about 20 mins, Mr X dropped  to the seat all sweaty,   I  nodded and smiled at him as acknowledgement  and in return he muttered under his breath ‘ F***’ , errr… ?

Anyway, what happened was Mr X was a good Samaritan and agreed to some strangers ( a mother and daughter) request  to checked in their luggage with his, to get away from paying penalty for excess baggage. And  after checking in, he realized that he didn’t see them in the boarding area , and now, he didn’t see them in the aircraft .  And as these people are not on the flight, the airline had to remove their luggage .And the thing is that..Mr X’s luggage tag is with them …, it appears that  Mr X will not fly into Medan with his luggage. So, I guess Mr X will have to shop for some underwear in Medan lah 😀

Anyway, back to food… we had lunch at Citra Garden Seafood ( this seemed to be a normal haunt for meals during my trip to Medan as it’s not far from my host’s office)

For drinks, I had my usual – terung belanda…a special drink from Medan yumyum..


Sweet and Sour Kerapu – This taste as good as it looks, the fish was fried and bath in gravy , the fish was fresh, the gravy was ( as expected )sweet and sourish with pieces of pineapples and onions.


The sam-chan fried pork ( 3 layer pork meat) was very good, the fat and the lean meat was fried to a crisp, the meat was tender and well marinated. I want a whole plate of this to myself !! Oink Oink !!


I knew we ordered fried broccoli, but when the dish arrive ( see for yourself ), it seemed to be prawns,  sotong  and fishball garnished with broccoli rather than broccoli being the main ingredient. The sotong was fresh and springy with lots of bite and the broccoli was cooked just right.


Fried prawns ala Penang , I didn’t know Penang had a special prawn dish, and all the way in Medan too  ! The prawns are cooked in asam and curry, this was a bit hot , and only when I look at the picture now , did I  noticed that there were so many chili padi in it, no wonder it was spicy !


Picked up some Bahasa  Indonesia from the menu : cumi-cumi = sotong, kepiting = crabs, Pare = ikan pari pari ( stingray).  There’s also a large variety of juices : Jus Jeruk (orange / a type of limau), ketimun ( cucumber); Terung belanda ( what I had), Tomat ( tomato) ; Sirsak ( soursop); Jeruk Nipis ( lemon juice) , Jus jagung, Sunkist, Wortei ( carrot) and Markisa ( passion fruit)


Before i forget , i had a hard time clearing the  Medan immigrations !

Immigration officer : Di Medan berapa hari ?

Me : x hari

I.O: Ke Medan untuk apa ?

Me : untuk …..

I.O: Apa nama pabrik di Medan ? ( and asked me to write this on my arrival card)

Me : ( #%$*&%%*&) and wrote the name of my host’s company

I.O : Tulis alamat penuh

Me : ( $^%^%*%^*& and rolling my eyes, but dare not show too much attitude, just i case i get into trouble) – gave I.O  my host’s name card

I.O : Di Medan, tinggal di mana ?

Me : XXX hotel

I.O : Ada tiket untuk kembali ?

Me : YA ! ( $^%*^%^% and showed him my ticket)

I.O – stamping my passport..finally

i think i must have a pretty criminal-ist face ..


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