Esquire Kitchen 大人餐廳 @ Old Klang Road

Posted: December 10, 2008 in @ Old Klang Road
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During your birthday month, Jusco’s loyalty card holders will be given a  booklet of vouchers from the various sponsors. Over the years, I find that the content of the booklet are getting less attractive and most of the time the whole booklet in it’s original and unused  form will find it’s way into the recycle bin..yeah la..that is gratitude for you, people give vouchers, want to grumble somemore…

 I was attracted to an ice cream RM3 off voucher , but upon finding out that it was only valid for that particular item that cost – I think it was RM18+ , hey, I have to fork out RM16+ ?? no deal..flip flip flip, Vouchers for rides at a hill resort ..nope, shoes..nope, massage chairs ..nope…ah..30% off the bill for meals at Esquire Kitchen ( only valid  for meals exceeding RM30) if the meal is RM30, then the payable amount is RM21..ehhh..this is reasonable…with that in mind…..To Esquire Kitchen we will go…

Esquire Kitchen offers :


 Shanghai dimsum – fried dumplings, steamed dumplings, Sui Kau etc

Soup – Pork ribs cucumber , lotus root, chicken + groundnut, Sze Chuan hot and spicy etc

Pork, Seafood, beancurd, vegetables, Noodles,

Dessert include : Kwai Leng Kou, Tau Fu Far, Kaya Puff etc

 Esquire Kitchen has some set meals promotion :


 Nam Heong also has it’s chicken rice promo:-

For RM14.90nett you get :- meat balls ( 5 pcs); white or roast chicken for 2 pax, Vege ( small) , Free rice for 2 pax.

And to move up a notch, add RM1+, you can change the meat balls for Fook Chow meat balls.

And to further impress your date, add RM5+ – u get asam fish or beancurd

 I was having a cold that day, so avoided ordering dishes with any hint of spiciness, we ordered : beancurd , fish slices with ginger,  a large bowl of lotus root soup and rice.

When the beancurd arrived, it was piping hot..the beancurd texture was nice, a bit of a bite on the outside and soft tofu-ish on the insides..but after a few bites..found that the dish was bland ( or maybe it was my cold ?)


 The fish slices with ginger looks promising, lotsa ginger and spring onions – but looks are deceiving, the fish was tasteless and the gravy didn’t taste any different from the beancurd dish ( or maybe it was my cold ?)


 The first few sip from the soup bowl was encouraging, this was very tasty..and taste like it was lovingly  cooked over low fire for many hours.. After a few more spoonfuls, found that it was a bit too salty.. ( or maybe it was my cold?)


Overall , I must say that this was a bit of a disappointment and my previous experiences of eating at Esquire was definitely better than this. (or maybe it was my cold ?)

Esquire Kitchen

G5, Plaza OUG,

Taman OUG, Jln Klang Lama,

58200 KL

Tel : 7981 1645


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