Kedai Kopi Seng Heng 成興茶餐室@ Jalan Kapar, Klang

Posted: December 8, 2008 in @ Klang
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We were in Klang for some official business and having completed our mission at around 1 pm , called up a colleague S,  in Klang (who was on leave on that day ) if he was free to join us for lunch. S very graciously said ok but took oh so long to get ready and we waited almost 40minutes for him to arrive at Klang Prima, by the time which we were on the verge of going into the kopitiam nearby and have some chicken rice to fill our tummies.

We arrived at Seng Heng -at around 2:00pm  and still have to wait to be seated ( at this hour?), there were  8 – 9 tables in the restaurant. Luckily it wasn’t too long a wait for them to organize a table for us, but  we had to share  the table with a lone ranger uncle.  We ordered a fish ( sorry, I don’t  know the exact name of the dish, but this seemed to be the specialty or the only type of fish that they serve), fatty pork ( I think there is a better / more proper name for this) and kangkong belacan.

 It was a pretty long wait, especially when you have this mixed feeling of empty growling stomach and a full bladder….so, to distract myself ( a better way of saying, being a kaypor) I spied the table beside us, they had barley drink by the jug on their table, fish in dark sauce, fried  cabbages ( eh..if I had seen this, I would have changed my mind about the kangkong, the shredded cabbage dish look rather good lerr). From where we are seated, saw a white haired auntie working at the stove, there is also a notice beside  the cashier that says  Seng Heng is Wi-Fi enable…wahh….so IN one lerr.

Almost 20 minutes and still waiting, our fellow table-sharer’s order, Hokkien fried mee has arrived, it smells very good and the serving seemed  very large..but this selfish stranger never offered me anything…seated at the same table and he does not feel any pity for his fellow table mates …..i tried to catch his eye, but I guess the noodles were more attractive….Finally….the food arrived…

 The fish… fried to a crisp and bath in thick dark sauce, there were bits of chili padi in the sauce which added  some ‘fire’  to this dish.


It was ~ 2;30pm and people are still walking in for a meal ! or is this considered teatime meal ? The kangkong dish was ok The belacan flavour wasn’t too overpowering, and the kangkong weren’t tough , although I find this dish a bit oily .


The pork pieces were covered with sticky thick sauce that is slightly sweet, this was very good. There were cloves of garlic in the sauce which add to the flavour. Yumyumm…The pieces were not too fat and the meat were tender.


While enjoying your meal, you will get to see lorries coming and going as Seng Heng is by a busy roadside leading to the highway. Overall a pretty satisfying meal…

Location :

S.Heng  is at ~ Batu 5 1/2 Jalan Kapar . We came from : Bata wholesale ( on your left)  – go straight, blue-tiled mosque ( left), Pusat dialysis LZS ( MAIS) – Southern Steel Mesh – Castrol – last landmark before the shop will be Kedai Gunting Balan – straight –  then look out for a big tree..the shop is beside the big tree. Across the road is SMPC Industries S/B


S.H is only open for lunch ,  click here to view some of the dishes served by SH

  1. tan yee seng says: nice to see this guy,i ‘m so suprise to see my shop still can on the net…….. have a nice day guy……..

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Tan, thanks for dropping by. Internet ma, semua pun boleh. Visited your blog and saw pixs of the dishes..yummy.i will add that link to my posting so that the others can ‘lau nuah’ too.

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