Restoran Sin Chua Kee 新蔡記海鮮飯店@ Kuchai Lama

Posted: November 30, 2008 in @ Kuchai Lama
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It was a cold dark stormy evening, amidst the strong  thunder and lighting , suddenly there was s growl, and it grew stronger and stronger… was only my stomach growling lahh..

Wikipedia Lim spoke highly of  Sin Chua Kee , smacking his lips as he mention the beer pork ribs  and with a reminder – go early, best to be there by 6, if not, be prepared for a long wait… as the clock was already showing 6:45 pm-I wasn’t so keen to go to SCK , but considering that  it was a rainy day – not that many people might ( should)  be out guarr, with that in mind we headed towards Taman Lian Hoe.


It must be our lucky day as there was one small  empty table available and the rest of the restaurant filled to the brim with noisy happy diners ( I assume they were happy lah)

One comment I would like to make is that the lady who took our order was very pleasant…like this maaa…service with a smile, you happy, I also happy! We ordered Assam fish ( house special) , beer pork ribs and also one vege, smiling lady also recommended the house special tofu, but we decided not to be greedy and stuck with  the 3 dishes.

While we were waiting and looking at the food at  the other tables, saw that most of them ordered steam fish ( not asam fish worr)  and also pork ribs. A chap came around our table and asked if we want some good quality/ guaranteed good, durian…err…does this mean we are in for a long wait ?

It didn’t took that long for the dishes to arrived ( another plus point) . The Asam fish arrived, covered with parsley leaves , there were long beans and pieces of tomato too. And the taste..Oh la la..yummy, the fish was fresh  and cooked just nice and and the asam gravy..ahh… perfect ..


The pork ribs…what can I say about the pork ribs except that  it was very good pork ribs, they were deep fried and covered in some thick sticky gravy, the flesh came away easily with each bite,  the meat wasn’t dry and didn’t stick to the bones, and I really really really wish there were more of this..


The stir fried vege with garlic was tasty, the vege was succulent and not overly cooked ,this simple dish was a good compliment for the ribs and fish both of  which had pretty strong flavours.


The meal, plus 2 rice and a pot of chrysentimun tea cost us ~RM45, which was quite reasonable for a very satisfying meal. Hoorahhh for Sin Chua Kee !

As we were preparing to leave ( also noticed this while we were eating)  there were a dozen of people standing around waiting for the tables..maybe they should have some durian while they wait ? ( this was not helped by the rain, which meant that they couldn’t ‘open’ the tables by the roadside)

Address and Location :


Head towards the Old Klang Road Market, turn into road leading to Jln  Kuchai Lama, about 500m away ( FYI i am a bad judge of distance, so don’t take my word for it :P) look out for SCK on your left ( row of shop houses on a small slope).



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