¿Hablas Español ? Of Il Divo and Isabel

Posted: November 22, 2008 in Mumblings

I am currently hooked on the Il Divo’s song –  Isabel. I have liked that song for sometime although they are singing in some language that I do not understand, I guess that’s the power of music huh.. ? I have no idea what they are singing about, except that it’s about someone named  Isabel…for all i know, the song could be about Isable the  garbage collector or Isable the Ahlong 😀

Il Divo- 4  good looking guys in Armani suits,  singing operatic pop vocal style. From Wikipedia – Il Divo means divine male ( performer) Their official website is here . The pix below is copied from the official website (ahhh..so good looking one ).


A few days ago, I Googled for the lyrics and I found the lyrics here

Al fondo el dolor
Imperios de ilusion
Hoy no tengo nada
Si no estas
Mi corazon se apaga

Si te vas
Tu Dios se enfadara
No dejes que este amor
Muera asi
Sufriendo en soledad
Vuelve a mi y yo te hare

La gran pasion de amar
De huir
A ese tiempo que vendra
Escapando del pasado
Tu y yo
Siempre enamorados

Hoy no tengo nada
Si no estas
Mi corazon se apage

Yo te amaré

A dónde irás sin mí
Yo no sabré vivr
Sin ti

A dónde irás si mí
Yo no sabré vivir
Sin ti

Si te vas
Tu Dios se enfadara
No dejes que este amor
Muera asi
Sufriendo en soledad
Tu vuelve a mi y yo te hare

errr….still dunno what they are crooning  about, googled for the translation ( turned out that it’s Spanish)….some sites have the translation- but basically giving the same text but finally managed to find a site  which gave i guess the most sensible translation, ( i didn’t copy the translation 100% though, but mix that with a bit from what i found from some other sites ( as if, i would know if i got that correct !!)

the song is about – Isabel ( no mention about occupation, still could be Ahlong) : and it goes something like this.. To fly , To fall ..Into the depths of pain, To dream, To lose, Empires of hope, . Today i have nothing if you are not here, my heart is dying …Isable If you go away…the gods will be annoyed  ( that is what the translated text tell me !) Do not let this love die like this, I will cry, U will cry , Suffering in solitude..Come back to me, and I will make u  happy..To Seach for , To feel, ..the great passion of loving..To try to flee , to escape  that time which will come.. Escaping the past, You and I, always in love……Isabel..i will love you…Where will you go without me..i won’t know how to live  without you…

After having some idea of what the song is about..it appears more beautiful, although I am having a hard time trying to memorize the lyrics lahh.. Volar…Caer…Al Fondo el dolor…

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    Hi Siew Kim,

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