Restoran Jit Mun 日滿 海鲜飯店 @ Kota Bharu

Posted: November 20, 2008 in Glorious Food Elsewhere

The initial plan was to go to ‘Gou Lou’ ( tall guy) place for dinner but it was closed ( although a very very noisy person was insisting that we go to Cheng Mai ( a Thai restaurant in Wakaf Bharu), we didn’t have a plan B, and was still discussing where to have dinner ( while noisy person (NP) was still saying ‘it’s Cheng Mai, or nothing’ ) when Jit Mun’s name was brought to Jalan Hamzah it is..( NP sulking in the car)

Jit Mun is not  NP’s favourite place – not because of the food but  for fear of running into her English tuition teacher and we had an agreement that, if Ms Tuition Teacher ( Ms TT) is having her meal there , we will change the venue.

Must be JM’s lucky sign of Ms TT when we entered the restaurant, but…as they say..the night is still young ! We ordered : Fish in soy sauce and salad; stir fried sweet potato leaves ; black pepper venison ( this dish was ordered as a bribe to NP) . pork trotters + buns; ‘stewed’ yee mien.

The fish in soy sauce + salad was a weird combination, the fried mango ( salad) on top of the fish was err..interesting ,  you have ‘cooked’ mango strips on top of the fried  fish seasoned with soy sauce. I prefer my mango salad to be raw…


We were informed that the pork trotters are not available, so we ordered marmite pork ribs instead. The noodles came next..and was pretty good yee mein. Plenty of fishballs, chicken slices and  spinach in dark thick gravy. Tasty…


When the sweet potato leaves arrived, we burst out laughing, it looked so plain and pure ( the actual word we used – look like food for the sickly). But once you taste it, ehh… …it was surprisingly good, the leaves were tender and compliments to the chef for achieving  this  just with some chopped garlic.


The venison arrived accompanied by lots of spring onion, onions  and ginger. The venison was tender and the combination of black pepper, spring onions and ginger complemented each other very well. NP had this dish placed in front of her, I could almost hear her growl each time someone took a piece off this dish.


Marmite pork ribs..a bit too sweet for me ( this, coming from someone with a sweet tooth, is saying quite a lot) and there were more batter than meat. I was told JM does a pretty mean pork trotters dish marmite , it’s a pity that I didn’t get a chance to taste it this time around, nevermind la..there is always a second , third, forth, fifth….



  1. Pak Zawi says:

    This is a reciprocal visit and as if God was answering my prayers, I am so happy to read your articles about Kelantan. Coincidentally I did also mentioned in passing about the Restaurants of Wakap Baru. I had wanted to enlist the help of a Chinese friend to write about the food but he was too shy to do it with me.
    Anyway I did cover up in details about the launching of Digi Kadar Molek in Kota Bharu in one of my earlier posts (did it for free too hehehehe).
    Let us continue to promote Kelantan to the world, warts and all hehehehe.

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Pak Zawi,
    thanks for dropping by.
    I read yr posting and the pixs of the various restaurants/ signboards around Wakaf Baru (minus the food due to them not being halal)
    These Thai food restaurants serve good food and prices are reasonable too.( compared to KL prices, i guess everything is reasonable la..hehe)
    I am still collecting pixs of the wonderful Thai temples around Kelantan and hope to post that in the future.

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