Eye Seafood Restaurant @ Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Posted: November 18, 2008 in Glorious Food Elsewhere

It’s always puzzling why the restaurant is called Eye , maybe as weird as a shop selling shoes called Nose ? But after looking at the namecard, it does have the contact name of a Ms Eye on the card..so maybe it’s the family name after all..maybe we should check with the owner next time and get this mystery solved once and for all ?

Eye is a popular makan place , the food is reasonably good, price is acceptable and parking is relatively convenient as well. Having had Thai food the night before, we opted for more ‘chinese’ styled dishes.

I think the cook might have dropped the salt jar into the stirfried kangkong  it was sooo very the salty one. We had to ‘soak up’ the gravy of  the kangkong with rice before eating it ( but ended up with salty rice..so maybe not a good idea horr ?) . The kangkong was tender and fried so nicely, so it was a pity that the saltiness had to get in the way.


The steamed fish was good, not overly cooked – the fish was very fresh and the broth was yummy. No complaints here.


We ordered fried sotong during previous visits , but that seemed to be a different version as what arrived at our table had plenty of of garlic compared to the plain fried sotong I was used to. This garlic version was pretty enjoyable, the outer batter was crunchy and yet the sotong retained the springy and tender texture, you could also feed on the fried garlic pieces , just please make sure you are not going to have to perform CPR after the meal.


Hadn’t had beef for sometime, so we ordered black pepper beef. The first piece I tried was really tough, I gave up chewing on it after 20 tries, but there were some lucky person at  the table that managed to get tender pieces each and everytime, maybe the cow doesn’t like me…this dish was very peppery – as expected, and could be kinda hot, in a peppery way.


Overall a ok meal..although I must say  I have had better meals at Eye…



  1. Rose says:

    hopefully it is a halal restaurant. im a muslim and i took my dinner here once. as a gesture of respect to our host, we reluctantly accept the invitation. do you think they serve halal food?

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Rose, Eye is a pork-free restaurant. According to the person i spoke to at the restaurant 30% of their customers are malays.

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