Pickled Green Mangoes

Posted: November 10, 2008 in Things To Do

This is another of mum’s recipe. A very simple method for making green mango pickle. Mum makes this when the green mangoes are in abundance. 3 weeks ago the mangoes were going for RM2 per kg. Which was reasonably cheap.

You will need : mango, salt, sugar, container

1. Mangoes – those young greenish type ( in Kelantan we call them pau ek-nge ( pau = mango , ek-nge = ringan = light) , you can either leave the skin intact or skinned them, halves the pau and remove the seeds. Rinse.


2. Soak the mangoes in salt water ( dissolve rock salt in water), soak overnight – the mango will still retain some of the sourness and is crunchy , but if you prefer  the pickle less sour and softer , soak for  2 days.


3.Rinse the mangoes to remove the salt water, squeeze the mangoes to remove  excess water  and soak the mangoes in sugar syrup ( dissolve sugar in water, if you want the mangoes to be less sour, use higher concentration of syrup) .Soak for 24 hours ( and if you want the sweeter version, you can continue to soak the mangoes in the syrup until somebody discovers them and finishes them.) Serve or store in containers.


 NB: we like the pickle cold, so mum always keeps them  in the fridge


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