Of nasi lauk and getting connected

Posted: November 10, 2008 in Mumblings
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Back in my kampung,  I would walk to the market a bit before 7, climb the dark stairs and head to the nasi lauk stall at the end corner.  There are 3 other stalls selling nasi, but this is my favourite , the owner of the stall is Nah, daughter in law of the previous owner – Ghomoh. Nah sells around 30 chickens a day for her nasi stall, but says business had somewhat reduce. She starts ~6.45 am and would probably finish around lunch.

Setting up

Setting up the stalls

The standard  bungkus of nasi  cost ~ RM2- be it chicken or fish  , normally nasi lauk goes with fish and nasi dagang goes with chicken , but you can order any combination. You can also have some variety like : add ikan masin, or have a mixture of fish and chicken or even mixed the nasi dagang and nasi lauk ( which they used to refer as ‘kahwin’ ( marry), although the more ‘refine’ folks now  refer to it  as ‘campur’.

This is my normal breakfast when I am back in my kampong, Milo kau kau and 1 bungkus of nasi lauk ike ayo ( ikan tongkol). I am not sure how much of calories this is, but who cares !! 😀


 I love my nasi lauk..

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Saw an interesting flyer , which i thought was very cute ..it catches the local Kelantanese flavour,  thought I will post it here..(no, i wasn’t paid to place this advert here) although if someone is willing to pay..we can negotiate lorrr…


  1. eve says:

    i am geeting crazy to c the nasi lauk…will go back soon to eat

  2. pegasuskl says:

    haha..yeah laa..me too, missed the nasi lauk veli muchie..there’s also very good satay at my kampung’s market( psst..better than kajang satay ! )

  3. Kalu nok tra nasi dagang..kita pakat gi kg ladang….

  4. lama nya tak makan nasi dagang ni…terliur pula….kat sarawak mana la nak cari…:-(

  5. pegasuskl says:

    Guano demo, nasi dage T’ganu ? Kampung ladang tu dok mano ? demo loni dok Sarawak ko? kito pung tok tau nok cargi nasi dage kak mano di S’wak, ado worgih ko saing2 kak kelate ko T’ganu koh dok ? sughuh dio orge poslaju ko demo ! kalu boleh, poslaju ko kito getek !

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