Restoran Thai Sabye-Sabye @ Old Klang Road

Posted: November 7, 2008 in @ Old Klang Road
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I passed this restaurant countless time when I shop for groceries at Plaza Central ( not the Sentral train station la..but the building next to Pearl International Hotel, Old Klang Road) , but never crossed my mind to have a meal here, it’s like that lo, things that you see all the time, it’s sorta become  part of the furniture liao ..err..a bit like family members 😀

As we stepped into Sabye -Sabye ( which means – pleasant, good, well) , we were greeted by a friendly waitress clad in Thai Silk outfit, we were shown to our table. At the back portion  of the restaurant, there are 3 compartments ( opened, though)  serving as private rooms of some sort.


Even before placing our orders, another waitress came by our table and offered us the free dessert –  steamed tapioca with coconut milk, it was not too bad, although i would liked it better if the tapioca  were softer ( but no matter how, free things are always welcomed lor).


 The menu include ( there are more on the actual menu lah, I actually copied more than what I listed below, but err..i couldn’t even read  some of my writing)  :

Soup : tom yam seafood, fish fillet (both RM6/pax) or prawns (RM7) ; Sharkfin + crab meat ( RM28)

Salad: mango salad, lemongrass,  four angle bean, glass noodles, chicken feet, glass noodles prawn, petai prawns

Steamed fish: soya steamed, asam or  nyoya or a few variety of deep fried fish dish

Squid _ belacan, paprika, honey

Chicken: mango, red curry, green curry, lemon grass, cashew nut or pandan leave

Beef: sizzling,black pepper, ginger onion, oyster sauce

Beancurd:crab mean, claypot, sizzling

Crab: soft shell, salted egg, butter

Snacks : otak -otak (RM15/piece), Thai style fish cakes (RM12 / 6pcs)


Vegetables : kangkong, kai lan, broccoli, mixed vege, petai

Noodles : TomYam koay teow; tom yam glass noodles, gravy koay teow, thai style fried koay teow

Rice : pineapple fried rice, Thai belacan FR, Petai FR, Beef FR, Butter chicken FR, Golden chicken FR, Sweet and sour chicken FR, Pattaya seafood FR

Drinks : coconut, fresh juices, tea, coffee

Dessert : Tap Tim krob , Thai style jelly, Thai ABC, sticky rice with mango

For salad, the waitress recommended the mango salad or the chicken feet, but we decided to go with lemongrass salad (RM10)  (we asked for more details about the dish and  the waitress had to go to the kitchen and asked the cook about it, because not that many people order this) Well, I tell you haa….please order this dish if you do visit Sabye Sabye, it’s a wonderful dish…the fresh flavour of lemon grass, plus peanuts, crunchy dried shrimps, onions, chili padi, the sweet, sour, pedas HMMMMM…very good !


We weren’t feeling very generous that day, so opted for fried rice and noodles . I like petai and had never tasted petai fried rice (RM8.80), when the dish arrive, it doesn’t look that impressive ( don’t see that much of ingredients) and only a few thinly cut petai, but taking my first mouthful-the distinct taste  of the smelly beans (petai)  blended in very well with the fried rice and as I dig deeper into the pile of rice, there were bigger pieces of petai waiting to be interesting dish, no regrets in ordering this.


The Thai style Char koay teow (RM7.80) appeared all wrapped up in fried omelet  ( like the Pattaya friend rice version) and around this little bundle, are cucumber slices, raw taugeh, spring onions, chili powder and  chopped peanuts. It taste like regular koay teow, with  a lot of chicken slices in the noodles.  


Overall , a pretty enjoyable meal, still reminiscing about the lemongrass salad..Sabye Sabye

Opening Hours : 11:30am – 10.30pm ( Everyday)


Restoran Thai Sabye Sabye

G62 Lucky Plaza Bandar Park,

Jalan Awan Mendung Batu 5,

Off Jalan Klang Lama,

58200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 79812887   ( this link doesn’t seem to be working )

  1. Hey just wanted to drop you a line of thanks – found Sabye Sabye thru your post here, just got back from dinner there and loved it! Had the petai fried rice, amongst many other dishes, and it blew me away! Will def be going back! Also I live in the area, so really great to see your posts cover all the neighbourhoods nearby! 🙂

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Sawadee, glad to hear u enjoyed the meal. I was there again ~ 2 weeks ago ( still to post that though )with colleagues, everyone enjoyed that very much..and commented that the price was pretty reasonable too.

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