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Yat Yat Lai ( YYL)  was recommended by Wikipedia Lim who gets his Curry Mee fix here. YYL is eclipsed by Kim Hin dimsum which is a door away, you can read about my visit to Kim Hin by clicking  here.  . The crowd at Kim Hin seemed so exaggerated, , I estimated  > 30 people waiting for tables. This is crazy !! Anyway, back to YYL …

When we approached the counter to order, we were short of being shoo-ed away by the lady boss who asked us to take a seat and someone will come around and take our orders..oh..pardon me ma’am, I don’t know the rules lah.

Eventually the man boss came to our table for the orders, we ordered ‘1 dry and 1 wet’ both mee hoon + mee. And we kept ourselves occupied with the TV showing HK series with  a very young Simon Yam acting in it… that era where the ladies had big frizzy hair, big shoulder pads

After a few minutes, Man boss spoke to us from the counter, ‘ not enough meat balls for 2 bowls, only enough to make for  1 bowl’..and only then it dawn on me ( yes, I am not very quick witted most of the time) that they serve other things and not just curry mee. So, I pretend to be accommodating and ok’ed the order and changed the other order to ‘dry curry mee’.

The pork ball noodles turned out to be pretty good, the soup was sweet and the pork balls crunchy and err..’porky’. (The other dishes served are fish balls noodles- and according to Wikipedia Lim, is not too bad as well.)

The dried curry mee arrived in 2 portion, the noodles and the chicken curry in separate bowls. The gravy was yumyum, the chicken was tender and the potatoes were soft and mushy. Thumbs up for curry mee.  You can also order the soupy mee

Later when we were  settling  our bill at the counter, I asked the lady boss permission to take pictures of the counter ( I had my sights set on the the big pot of curry with  the taufu pok swimming in the rich red gravy) and lady boss seemed very suspicious of this and was asking me my purpose to take the pictures, before I could reply , I  was rudely  interrupted by the man boss who said to his wife ‘ ignore her, listen to me, did table xx order mee hoon or…’ OUCH…so, I had to say goodbye to the swimming taufu-pok and took a picture of the menu/ price list instead lah..

Dry curry mee : RM4.30 big, RM3.80 small

Pork ball noodles : RM4.50(b), RM4.00 (s)

Fried mince meat noodles : RM4.50(b), RM4.00 (s)

Fish ball noodles : RM4.00 (s)

Restaurant Yat Yat Lei

Sri Desa Entrepreneur Park, Kuchai Lama ,

Go straight into Kuchai Entepreneur Park shophouse , YYL is at the row of shophouses just after  Shell . Opposite is Sri Desa Condominium.