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My first bowl of fish head noodles was back in Penang years ago, that crowded, smokey kopitiam at Komtar , I think it was called Wen Hua or something like that, wonder if it’s still there, and after that, fish head noodles is added into my list of ‘things I will most possibly order’, the noodles, the chunks of fried fish..yummm

Been to Woo Pin a few times and tell you a secret…what I like most about Woo Pin is not the fish head noodles. but the fu-churk barley drink.Woo Pin must be the envy of any eatery, it’s crowded most of the time, people throng here during  breakfast  and later,  the lunch crowd will gather.

A young girl ( she reminds me of  Ella from SHE ( the Taiwanese girl band), the Woo Pin version) took our order, …she was assuming that we know what they have on that menu and looked displeased that she had to tell us what they serve, I added to her displeasure when I changed my mind after placing the bad of me…

The menu include :

Fish head (Fried version)  noodles 炸鱼头米粉

Fish head ( poached version) noodles 生鱼米粉

Fish paste noodles 鱼滑米粉

@ RM6.50/ bowl ( small)

For noodles, you have a choice of mee-hoon  or yee mien 伊面 . You can also order the fish head or the fish paste, without the noodles.

The drinks arrived first, and hmm…this Fu-churk barley  drink never disappoint lah..the soft fu -churk  and it’s rich distinctive taste,  the barley and gingko nuts


The noodles came after about 15 minutes wait, not too bad considering I have had experiences of waiting for 45 minutes for my order to arrive. The fish head noodles had 3 big pieces of fish  (although not all are meaty pieces) , it came topped with coriander leaves, spring onions, fried onions. And looks very inviting. The fish tasted very fresh.( tried the poached version before, but I didn’t enjoy it too much as I do not know how to appreciate those ‘gummy’stuff / cartilages on the poached fish.)


My first choice was  the fish head  rather than fish paste, but since I hadn’t tried the fish paste, thought I will give it a go ( hence changing my mind in my order and hence making Ms Ella-look-alike displeased) . I find the fish paste a bit ‘tough’ , I forgot to count, but I think there were 4 or 5 pieces of the fish paste in my bowl. The bee hoon and the soup complimented each other (the soup was a bit too sour-ish for me though)

Referring to an article from The Star Metro  ( 20th Jan 2008), the fish stock is made with dried anchovies and the soup is given an extra kick with rice wine to remove the fishy smell. The type of fish used is the ‘soong’ fish. The meehoon used is the handmade variety which is said to give a better bite. The fish paste is made from fresh tenggiri ( mackerel)

 Operating hours : 7.30am – 2.30pm (closed alternate Mondays)

NB: At night , the steamboat takes over.


 Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles @ Ho A One Seafood Steamboat Restaurant


A37, Plaza Danau 2, Jalan 109F, Taman Danau Desa.

 for enquiries : 012-201 3148