Restoran 168 一路发海鲜小食 @ Kota Bharu

Posted: October 14, 2008 in Glorious Food Elsewhere

Restoran 168 is one of the favorite haunts if we drop by  KB for dinner, the food quality is above average and the price is reasonable. There are 2 sitting sections, one is air-conned and the other ( where you sit by the road side and kaki lima) al fresco. We were early that day and took up the first table in the air-conned area, at another table close to the altar, 3 staff in their 168  yellow t-shirts were peeling garlic and onions with the red-faced Kwan-Kung (  关 公 ) watching over them .

The pork ribs in foil石纸排骨( RM12) was very nice- it was roasted ( more like fried if u ask me)  and coated in caramel-like sauce , it was crunchy yet tender and yummmm..i wish there were more of this…I only had 2 pieces…

The Steamed Asam Garoupa三石斑 ( RM25)  was very good, the gravy was oh-la-la, and with the  fish being  fresh to boot,  ladies fingers pieces were tender – just couldn’t find any fault with this dish..perfection ! FYI, they only serve half the portion of the fish, i.e looking at the pixs below, it might appear that we were served the whole fish, but actually, it’s only half of a fish lah.

Some interesting thing extracts regarding  Garoupa from Wikipedia ( seemed that Garoupa = Grouper lah)  :

  • The Grouper is depicted on the reverse side of the 100- Brazilian Reais banknote.
  • In the Philippines the Grouper is commonly known as “Lapu-Lapu,” named after the national hero who killed Ferdinaed Magellan in the Battle of Mactan  
  • In Aruba, the 500 Aruban Guilder banknote, also features a Grouper in one of its faces

The spinach in broth上汤元菜( RM10) was average, apart from the spinach, there were pieces of  century eggs, tung-hoon in the broth, it was also topped with crunchy silver fish.  the broth a bit too starchy for my liking .

 It was a very good and satisfying meal…burppppppp…excuse me..

  Business Hours : 5 pm – 12a.m daily

Restoran 168@ Kota Bharu

Lot 836, seksyen 27

Jln Dusun Raja,

15300 Kota Bharu.

 017 9672052 / 017 9887710


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