Orchard Garden Seafood Restaurant @ Cabang Empat, Kelantan

Posted: October 12, 2008 in Glorious Food Elsewhere

There are many many Thai restaurant around the Cabang Tiga, Cabang Empat and Wakaf Baru Area, this ‘craze’ had started many years back, where some one realized that people like Thai food and they are drawing in the crowds, I remember one of the earlier shops was probably Ar Haan Thai, ( probably defunct now) and  later shops like Cheing Mai, Bangkok, Kulim flourished. For the family the favourite is Cheing Mai.

One newer addition to the restaurant scene is Orchard Garden, the advantage of Garden is that it’s located by the road side ( easy to spot)  and there are air-conned  sections  ( most of the restaurant mentioned above are located in lorong-lorongs,  you eat underneath attap roof  and expose yourself to mosquitoes. The con of Garden is that the taste is not as good as what you can get at Cheing Mai.

During my short break balik kampong, we were at Garden twice – first visit :- due to it’s proximity to home , Second visit was probably an ‘act of god’ as the car decided to break down in front of  Garden  while we were on our way to Cheing Mai. This is a compilation of dishes from  two trips but not all of the dishes are highligted.

The rice came out of a silver urn, I think they have a standard charge per urn, so if you are not going to eat too much of rice, suggest you order by plates.

When the Jarm Fish arrived, we weren’t too impressed , the toppings were a bit too dry, there weren’t much sauce on the fish, although  the fried fish on it’s own is tasty and crunchy- but again, too dry.


BUT…it was a totally different story for the Bang Suan fish ( Thai Style) RM27, the flesh of the fish was cut up and diced and the whole thing was deep fried and served with chunks of peanuts, lemongrass, ginger, onions, lime and chili padi – this was very very good.

The  kangkong belacan (RM10) was enjoyable

The Guiness pork ribs was deep fried, it taste beer-ish and a tad too sweet- I didn’t quite fancy this, should have choose some other pork rib dish

Asam boi Chicken (RM12) – the chicken was coated  before frying  (this floury skin was crunchy)  and with asam boi gravy , this was average.

They are offering some set -meal packages, where you can select 4 dishes ( I think it must be in respective categories ), plus tea + nuts + rice  at a ‘special predetermined price’ ( I forgot the exact figure, but  it was definitely  < RM70)

 Location :


Orchard Garden Seafood Restaurant,

Kampung Brinjal, Cabang Empat, Tumpat, Kelantan

( it’s by the road ( right) side if you travel from  Cabang Tiga to Cabang Empat)


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