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Hari Raya at Liza’s

Posted: October 6, 2008 in Sights

My ‘cycling group’ and best friends back in Form 2 – 5  consist of  4 chinese and 2 malay girls -Liza and Linda,  we used to gather at Law’s house and after  all 6 arrived , off we cycle to school. The distance is about 1.5 km, and whenever any bike is down with a punctured ( which can be pretty often), all 6 will be pushing our bikes, through thick and thin, through rain and shine, we stuck together …the good old days…

Back in form 3, our gang ( on our bikes of course) visited a record 9 locations for Hari Raya, Aida’s mother had the best beehoon goreng and at Wan Fazilah, who stays at the  police quarters I had my first taste of lontong.

Visiting Liza’s place for Hari Raya is a ‘tradition’.

On the 1st day  of Raya, Liza had an open-day :- nasi dagang and nasi lauk and  as we could only  make it on the 2nd day, we had to settle for fried bee hoon snifffffffff…..the big tong of keropok was a welcomed sight and we pile our plates with bee hoon and keropok and the concoction of Syrup + Orange which didn’t taste as weird as it sounds

I asked Za’s permission for taking some pics of her house for the blog and it caused a bit of confusion and question of ‘ rumoh orge lain tok supo ko ?’ of which I had to clarify ‘ dok eh, orge bandar tok ajing tengok rumoh orge kapung keh..sajo lah’.

This is the hall area, note the cross-stitch masterpiece on the walls – we had a good laugh over  the design of the ‘selo-taped’ display cupboard

Za is a seamstress and accept orders for baju kurung or bedsheets and stuff, anyone interested ah..tell me lorr…..Za’s work station – which is next to the kitchen : note the sewing machines with the pots and pans..


  Za’s arsenal – is there a M16 hiding somewhere ?


Side view of the house, Za house is beside the river, hence the house-on-stilts design.


Front view – isn’t she patriotic ?

And this is what you can see when u look out from the kitchen…fantastic view hor..?

The fishing boats are idle as the fishermen are home for Raya.

 Welcome to my world….