Restoran Suwang Thai @ Taman Desa

Posted: October 3, 2008 in @Taman Desa
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A few weeks back, noticed there were banners around some part of Taman Desa area announcing the ‘opening soon’ of an authentic Thai food restaurant at Danau Desa area. I don’t think there are many Thai restaurant around Taman Desa area. I know of Mai Tai near to Public Bank and Sabye-Sabye at Plaza Central at Old Klang Road, so the ‘arrival’ of a Thai restaurant is welcomed ( by me lah..probably not by the other restaurants)

 Suwang Thai opened less than 1 month ago, the restaurant is adorned with photos of King Bhumipol and Queen Siririt. The waitress was friendly but doesn’t seemed that familiar with the details of the menu, anyway, we took our time to study the menu.


On the menu include :

  •  Appertizers :

 Poo Jah : deep fried crab meat with mashed chicken in shell topped with egg yolk (RM12-small, RM16-big)

Tob Mon Pla -deep fried minced fish kneaded with chili paste served with cucumber and sweet paste ( RM8/ RM12)

Som Tam -green papaya salad (RM10/RM16)

Jam Ma Muang- green mango salad (RM10/RM12)

Yam Pla Dook Foo -fried Thai catfish seasoned with lemon and sauce, hot pepper, onion and mangoes

Yam Ruam Mit Talay-mixed seafood salad with hot pepper and lemon sauce ( RM10/RM16)

  •  Spicy Soup

 Tom Yam Goong – prawn tom yam RM8/RM12/RM20

Tom Yam mixed seafood,Tom yam gai ( chicken)

Chicken soup with ginger, coconut milk and lemon and chili

  •  Soup : Clear chicken soup (RM8/RM12), clear chicken beancurd soup
  •  Fish : prawns, squids, crabs
  • Curry dishes :Green curry, red curry ( chicken/beef) – RM8/RM12 ;  Thick curry RM10/RM16
  •  Other main dishes : in the chicken category, beef and eggs ( I was tired of copying the menu…so there are less of details..lazy me)
  • Other ‘stand alone’ meals :

Rice : fried rice + belacan (RM8/RM15), pineapple fried rice -RM10, fried rice+beef+ egg RM8/RM15

 Noodles : koay teow noodles seafood RM10; Koay teow beef/chicken RM8; Tom yam bee hoon RM10, Chicken noodle soup RM10

  •  Dessert :

 Taptim benjarong-water chestnut, jackfruit in coconut milk and crushed ice RM4

Thai cendol -RM4

Assorted fruit -seasonal price

Sticky rice with mango-seasonal price

  •  Drinks :

Fresh juices – pineapple, watermelon, starfruit,mango etc

Coconut, soft drinks, teas and beers ( including Singha, of course)


 We ordered Poo Jah, Green chicken curry and Jam ma Muang. Desserts: Thai cendol and Taptim benjarong. And after 5 minutes,the waitress came about to re-confirmed our desserts, yes, it’s Thai cendol and taptim benjarong kha..

 It was a bit of a wait, although apart from us there were only 1 other table occupied. The mango salad arrived first, it looked a bit soggy and plain, we make sure that we mixed it up properly and was pretty good mango salad ! Watch out for the chili padi


For rice, the waitress came around with a silver urn and will pile on your plate the portion that you want.The green chicken curry came next, chicken slices, long bean and brinjals  in thick coconut milk. This was delicious

The waitress came by and told us that the desserts that we ordered are not available..ah..took so long to tell us one ah..? we asked for air-kosong instead.

The crab thingy arrived next, the crabs seemed to be in disguise and barely identifiable under the thick ‘flourly skin’. I was expecting something like what mum makes, lotsa crab meat, encased in the crab shell and fried to a golden brown….but..this was nothing like that lah..there were certainly some form of ‘meat’ in the crab shells, but it doesn’t say ‘crab’ to me lah… it could be a hot dog and i would care less.

When we asked for the bill, it seemed a pretty elaborate ritual which involved the waitress asking another person from the kitchen to the cashier and making a call before they were able to come up with the bill. Total bill came up to RM35.64( I didn’t know that the plain rice was so expensive RM2.20 per serving. I feel that it’s very expensive lerr,,,isn’t it ?)

Overall -taste wise, it was ok, I would  to return to try out some other dishes or maybe the noodles or the fried rice. As for service, a few areas to be improved – i guess they are still having some teething problems as it’s still pretty new.

Restoran Suwang Thai

No.23, Jalan 5/109F, Plaza Danau 2

58100 KL

Tel : 79812503

operating hours 11am – 11pm, open everyday


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