Restaurant Ful Lai 富来飽饺点心茶楼

Posted: September 24, 2008 in @ Kuchai Lama
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When we saw the filled tables under the trees at Ful Lai- that would already be a testimonial to the dimsum, right ? We can’t find a suitable position under the trees and opted to sit inside the restaurant instead, only one other table was taken up- just shows that Malaysians are a bunch of people that loves to sit under trees, horr ?

We ordered a pot of Chinese tea, and soon, a young chap came by with the steamed dimsum, for the first round, we took :  fish paste in Char koay, yong tau foo (YTF) and fish paste in fried beancurd skin. First bite , ehh…why the dimsum wasn’t hot.. I am not talking about not-steaming hot, it wasn’t even lukewarm, it was like dimsum-left-under- -the- fan- for -2 -hours kinda temperature. The fishpaste was ok – texture was good and taste was good, considering that it was good in such an unsuitable temperature I would assume it must be good in normal-dimsum-temperature. The gravy of the YTF and beancurd skin was good. As for the ones with the char koay , the char koay was a bit tough, maybe due to that they weren’t crispy.

One thing, service was slow, instead of doing their rounds and see what we need, we had to try hard to get their attention to bring something- well maybe they were paying more attention to the larger crowd sitting under the trees. Next round we asked for char siu pau, chu cheong fun and porridge.

When the pau arrived, I was shocked/ disappointed – the pau was flat and dismal looking  – look at the picture and judge for yourself la…. appearance wise, I give it  2/10,000, but as they say, the proof of the pau is in the eating..the verdict ….the dough was ‘rough’ not refined like the texture of the pau that we normally get , only plus point is that they are generous with the filling and the taste was pretty ok. The Chu cheong fun and the porridge were average.

 Third round orders – steamed pork ribs, seaweed+fish paste, beancurd skin + fishpaste – lucky this time around- the dimsum were warm.  These were pretty ok, but I guess the memory of the earlier cold dimsum was pretty strong and still can’t get that out of our system ( actually, up to until dinner that day, the uncomfortable feeling of cold dimsum was still lingering in my system.)


We left Ful Lai ( after paying RM30.30) slightly disappointed with our meal

Restaurant Ful Lai 富来飽饺点心茶楼

1G (GF) Jalan 2/116B,

Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park

Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,

58200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 7983 6851


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