Restaurant Woo Lan @ Brickfields

Posted: September 17, 2008 in @ Brickfields
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It was a very wet day when we met up for dinner, and I was all set to try out Rumahku ( which was featured in the Star recently), I did my homework – studying the menu online and the dishes recommended… Then MY she said, oh, I can’t take Indian food..alamak..rosak plan.We spend about 5 minutes  pushing responsibilities to each other to make a decision on where to go for our dinner…then we agreed, ok- let’s go to Woo Lan.

We ordered  fried mee suah ,steamed fish head, and stir fried nai-park (vege). When we arrived,  there was only one other table occupied. These people are quiet /polite eaters, not much of noise from them, come to think of it, 3 of us probably made enough decibels to drown the conversation of 10 persons sitting at the opposite table ? 

The stir -fried vege with garlic was a simple uncomplicated dish, no frills but it wasn’t bland , just what we want.


The fried tung-hoon looks very interesting. The noodles are topped with fried eggs, and seaweed. And in the noodles are prawns, slices of meat plus cabbage. I like the noodles, the taste was just right, ( and I was extremely hungry as it was over my buka- puasa time ) , although for those that like their food with a bit more ‘heavier tasting’ might find it bland.

When the fish arrive, i think all of us let out the same exclamation ‘wahh !’ The ‘wahh’ was for the size of it wondering how we could finish this gigantic fish head and that if they could have served us a smaller fish head. The fish was topped with lots of finely chopped ginger and ‘bathed’ in the special sauce – and it was a good fish head. Cooked just nice. It  was a  meaty fish head , we enjoyed this very much.

I think this is a ‘standard size’ fish head lah, as we saw another table with just 2 diners being served something close to the size of  what we had.

Overall , a pretty enjoyable meal and reasonably priced as well ( the  bill came to RM54, including 6 bottles of Guiness…kidding…herbal teas + coconuts)

 Biz hours : 11:30am – 3pm ; 5:30 – 10pm


Restoran Woo Lan 壺蘭

No 19, Jln Scott, 50470 Brickfields.

Tel : 2274 8368

 Map to Woo Lan

  1. jowee says:

    Recommended:- “Sang Har” with glass noodle pot. The soup/gravy is yummy.

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hmm..thanks for that tip Jowee, will give the Sanghar glass noodle a try next time ! what other dishes do you recommend ?

  3. jowee says:

    One more… I’m not so sure about the dish name. Is chicken herbs wrap with plastic and aluminium foil. But I still luv the “Sang Har”.

  4. pegasuskl says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Jowee, u really love the Sanghar noodles !

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