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Posted: September 10, 2008 in @ Kuchai Lama
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Wikipedia Lim had been raving about Goon Wah for ages and ages, saying that this is among one of  the best fish head noodles in town, with that sort of recommendation, this was like Rukun Negara  . On top of that , it was a double-thumbs-up -and-toes-too sorta review from  the food  bloggers. But there is a snag, Goon Wah only operates on weekdays and only up to 3 pm ( means not for dinner lah) , so it’s not so easy to come this way from the office, but the silver lining is, wait for a public holiday that falls on a weekday looooohhh

 We reached G.Wah at about 11:30am on the Monday-post-merdeka holiday, and the place was packed, packed and packed, but we were quite lucky that there was an empty table for two so, we didn’t have to wait at all , but we see loads of people standing/waiting  around tables with  occupants that  are still devouring  their meals.

 We ordered the infamous XO fish head noodles and the claypot rat tail noodles 老鼠粉.they have a large list of different noodles including Melaka nyoya noodles, fried tung-hoon, moonlight hor fun 月光河 ( dunno what this is) , etc, the big plates are RM10 and the small portions RM7. There are also a variety of dishes to choose from ( can’t name any as we didn’t ask what the serve) For drinks- they have sweet potato in sugar syrup, ABC, tea, herbal drinks etc .

 The ice kacang ( no, I didn’t order this, although I did ordered the lime+sour plum drink- falling back into the soooo  predictable in the drinks department) was gigantic, and seemed to be really popular and we saw most of the tables around us had this perched on the table too.


While waiting, you can hear the waitresses warning ‘panas, panas’ as they ferry the XO fish head to the tables. The noodles / food  are meant to be shared as the will bring small bowls and plates to the table . And when the XO noodles arrived at our table, first reaction- wah, so big bowl ah.., no wonder Wikipedia Lim warned  that the noodles comes in portion not meant for one.

The soup is not clear although it’s not added with milk, I think this is because they have added yam to the soup (?), and the taste..YUMMMMY..i hereby proclaim thee -‘ the mother of all fish head noodles’. I especially like it because the soup is not sourish like most of the fish head noodles. There were generous amount of fish head pieces  in each pot. For fish head noodles lovers- you should not miss this !

The claypot rat-tail noodles sizzled it’s way to our table, … after blending the dark-glob on top with the noodles, there were no ‘leftover gravy’ the amount of gravy just seemed to be measured perfectly for that pot of noodles  and it wasn’t oily  and WHAADDAATHINK..   it was soooo very the good one, I tell you !! there were crunchy bits of fried lard+ dried prawns +dunno what else and it was sooooo very the good one, I tell you. ( Honestly, I love this more than the fish head noodles.)

 Actually, that was all we ordered and it was a reallllllyy happy and fulfilling meal that makes you smack your lips and rub your tummy and grin like a Cheshire cat… anyway, that’s not the end of my story as  the following day, I managed to convinced my colleagues that there is this place that the food is so good that  that people do not mind to be seated next to a ‘coffin shop’ ( Beside GW is a kedai keranda).

We ordered the fish head noodles + claypot rat tail noodles ( still taste soo very the good one ( the second time around) , I tell you ) and added an extra dish –  kou-yoke ( pork +yam) 扣肉


The kou yoke was…ahh..i dunno what to say lahh…So very the good one, I tell you… This dish came  with 5 steamed buns, you ‘un-lipat’ the bun, place the pork + yam between the fold …bite into the well seasoned tender pork and the yam that melts in your mouth and HHMMMMMMMMMMM ……so very the good one, I tell you…..

 GW occupies 2 shop lot , one is air-conned, the other no-conned, altho tables are set up on the kaki lima, including the kaki lima one door away ( none of the tables were set up in front of the coffin shop though :P)

Operating hours : 9:30 am – 3:30 pm, off on Sat and Sunday.

 Location map and address  :

Goon Wah Restaurant 冠華自助餐宴服务 ( tel : 7982 0048 / 0722)


If you turn in from Jalan Klang Lama to Kuchai Lama, at the traffic light junction where  you see Shell and Esso, turn right. GW is the row of shoplot on your right, if you can’t find a parking space by the road side, turn into the residential area on your left, you should be able to find a parking space.

  1. Chunny says:

    Wow, Woooooooowwwwwwwwww. You have used dunno how many “so very the good one”? A double thumb up ha! I must find time sneak out from work to try the foodlah.

  2. pegasuskl says:

    hehe, yeah, when u sneak out of the office, don’t forget to come by my office to pick me up also lahh !

  3. QQ says:

    may i know what type of fish are they using?? i don’t eat ‘soong ee tau’. thanks.

  4. pegasuskl says:

    hey QQ, sorry ler, i am not sure about the type of fish used(i tried to find that out from other blogs, but no luck also) , but if i remember ( not that i have a good memory) , the fish meat doesn’t taste like the ‘normal’ type of….

  5. QQ says:

    aiyah, it’s ok lah, maybe i’ll go and try it one day, then i’ll let you know.

  6. jianchung says:

    Hi pegasuskl,

    Great review you have there. I’ve also made a short review on the place and am getting other to rate the place. Would you care to drop by and rate Goon Wah at my site? The URL is as below.


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